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The domain for start-ups, open source & APIs.

Starting at 47.99 USD 62.99 USD / year
Registry Lock Available for .io domain DNSSEC is Available for .io domain Private Registration available for .io domain

What are the .io domain names used for?

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Let us put it that way: How much time do you have? A .io domain registration comes with a bucket full of creative ways how to use it. First and foremost, the .io domain is the official country-code top-level domain (ccTLD) of the British Indian Ocean Territory, which is a territory of the United Kingdom located in the Indian Ocean. That fact by itself is already pretty amazing, but over the last few years, the meaning of the .io domain has changed. The .io domain extension has gained great popularity as the digital home for technology companies worldwide. I/O is known as input/output and is widely associated with technology and innovation.

Is the .io domain a good web address for start-ups?

Yes! It's short, it's memorable, it's tech-friendly, and most importantly, the odds are in your favor that your desired name will be available to buy your .io domain name as early as today.

When registering a domain name, you should always think about your target audience first and if they know what your .io domain extension ultimately stands for. So, if you're looking to establish a strong brand identity and don't want to deal with complicated restrictions on the type of content to put out or where you're located, a .io domain registration should be on top of your list. And if you're working in the Artificial Intelligence sector, you should also consider the .ai domain extension (LINK to .AI) as a potentially great fit for your needs.

Technical information for .io.

  • TLD .io
  • Type ccTLD
  • Registration On Sale 47.99 USD / normally 62.99 USD
  • Renewal 65.99 USD
  • Transfer 47.99 USD / Transfer in your .io
  • Time to Register Instant
  • Registration Period 1 - 10 years
  • Renewal Grace Period 40 days
  • Redemption Period 30 days
  • Private Registration Available
  • DNSSEC Supported / Learn how to add DNSSEC
  • Registry Lock Available
  • Local Presence Required No
  • Trustee/Proxy Service No
  • Blocking Service 270+ top-level domains (TLDs) with one DPML subscription / Learn more
    Block Registrations on your trademark in .io and each of NIC IO's
  • Languages Supported Arabic,  Belarusian,  Bulgarian,  Chinese Simplified,  Chinese Traditional,  Danish,  Finnish,  French,  German,  Hungarian,  Icelandic,  Italian,  Korean,  Latvian,  Lithuanian,  Macedonian,  Polish,  Portuguese,  Russian,  Serbian,  Spanish,  Swedish,  Ukrainian, 
    .io domain name supports multiple language formats. You can register your domain name by entering your domain search using the appropriate language character set in the search field.
  • Individuals can register Yes
  • Businesses can register Yes
  • Registry NIC IO
  • Information updated 2023-08-22

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FAQs for .io

Are there restrictions for .io domain?
No, the .io domain extension isn't restricted like many other ccTLDs. Remember that you can't register any names that violate trademark or intellectual property, though.
Is .io safe to use for my business?
Yes, .io domain names are safe to use, but it's important to take appropriate precautions to protect yourself, your website, and its visitors. If you're planning to grow your business, we recommend considering registering variations of your .io domain name to prevent others from using a similar name to harm your brand or reputation.
Is Registry Lock available for the .io domain?
Yes, 101domain doesn't just offer Registry Lock for your .io domain name; we also recommend enabling DNSSEC, which can be configured in your domain name's DNS panel. It will protect you against counterfeit DNS data by providing origin authentication and integrity protection on that data.
Is the .io domain registration worth paying more than for a comparable .com domain?
If your budget allows it and you're working in the technology industry, we highly suggest registering your domain name in both extensions to cover all the bases. The .com legacy domain is always a good choice and recognized worldwide, but if you want to target a tech audience clearly, .io domain names are the way to go and worth the price.