The country of El Salvador is the smallest in Central America. Their largest city is also their capital, San Salvador. San Miguel is an important center culturally and commercially, along with Santa Ana. They also have a long history of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. El Salvador uses the US dollar as its official currency. It is growing rapidly in its industrialization, making it one of the top 3 in Central America in the Human Development Index.

El Salvador has a unitary presidential constitutional republic, led by a President. Their 1983 Constitution holds the highest legal authority. They possess a democratic and representative government, with an Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branch. El Salvador is home to around 6,290,500 people, as of 2013. They are known as Salvadoran or Salvadorian. Their official language is Spanish, and 86% of their people are considered Mestizo and 12% are white. It is rather densely populated, ranked 47th in the world, with 341.5 people per square kilometer.

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