Guatemala is a Central American country very close to Mexico with an approximate population of 13,276,517 people. It is considered a "biodiversity hotspot" due to a variety of exotic ecosystems inhabiting the land. Guatemala also homes part of the iconic, former Mayan civilizations.

Despite gaining independence from Spain in 1821, Guatemala continued to be subjugated through an infliction of dictators with the help of the United Fruit Company. This led to a civil war that lasted nearly 36 years.

Currently though, post-civil war, Guatemala has had successful economic growth and elections of a democratic nature.

Guatemala is now considered a constitutional democratic republic. This means the politician who is elected President is given power as both head of state and the head of Guatemala's government, though the judiciary system is independent from both of these legislative and executive powers.

Currently the President of Guatemala is Otto Perez Molina, of the Patriotic Party, who was elected in 2011.

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