The country of Belize, formerly known as British Honduras, is located right on the north eastern coast of Central America. It is bordered to the North by Mexico, and to the south and west by Guatemala. The Caribbean Sea borders it to the east. Its capital is named Belmopan, which is where the government resides. The country covers an area of 22,290 square kilometers. Known as a great vacation spot, their coast is a known spot for many vacationers. The population relies on a private enterprise economy, mostly based on tourism and agriculture. A recent discovery of crude oil has brought on new prospects in recent years.

With the framework of a parliamentary representative democratic monarchy, where Queen Elizabeth II is known as head of state and their elected prime minister is the head of the government. Belize is home to only approximately 333,200 people. This low population helps make it one of the lowest countries in South American in terms of population density. This country is the only one in all of Central American which uses English as their official language, though many other dialects are also used in this region.

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