Costa Rica could be considered the jewel of Central America. Time and again, it has been highlighted in United Nations studies as attaining better results across of a wide range of indicators than other countries of similar size. Its democratic tradition is unique within the region and must not have much to fear from its neighbors, as it has not maintained a standing army in over 60 years!

Costa Rica is an environmentalist's dream. While governments of other countries hem and haw about achieving carbon neutrality sometime in the 22nd Century, Costa Rica is on target to achieve the goal by the 22nd year of this century. If it achieves this goal, Costa Rica will be the first country to do so.

It's easy to see why Costa Rica stresses environmental goals. With over 1500 miles of coastline touching two oceans and the Caribbean Sea, Costa Ricans are keenly aware of the challenges of maintaining environmental sustainability. That Costa Rica achieves all the established criteria for this sustainability while being diverse linguistically and culturally is an added bonus.

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