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1&1 Mail & Media GmbH

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GmbH - Gesellschaft mit beschraenkter Haftung

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United Internet AG. Publicly traded on the TecDax: TECDAX WKN 508903

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Elgendorf Strasse 57
Montabaur 56410

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1&1 Mail & Media GmbH is a registered GmbH according to the German Law GmbHG. See www.gesetze-im-internet.de/gmbhg/index.html

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With this application the 1&1 Mail & Media GmbH wishes to apply for the .gmx TLD. In the following 1&1 Mail & Media GmbH will outline the company background and structure as well as the purpose and mission of the application. Company structure and background 1&1 Mail &... Read more

With this application the 1&1 Mail & Media GmbH wishes to apply for the .gmx TLD.

In the following 1&1 Mail & Media GmbH will outline the company background and structure as well as the purpose and mission of the application.

Company structure and background

1&1 Mail & Media GmbH (Mail&Media in the following)

With over 32 million customers Mail&Media covers nearly 50% of the German Webmail market. With its brands, Mail&Media is the largest free email provider in the German speaking countries of Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein.

Mail&Media under its brands WEB.DE, GMX and MAIL.COM, provides email solutions for home users, as well as small and mid-size enterprises.

Mail&Media Brands


WEB.DE was launched in 1995 as the first commercial German Internet catalogue. Today, with its Web services focusing on communication, information, entertainment and search and with 16.36 million users per month, WEB.DE has become one of the biggest Internet portals in Germany (AGOF internet facts 2011-10).
The WEB.DE portal offers over 40 different Internet information, entertainment and communication products including news, shopping, games as well as free and premium webmail. The portals provide a one-stop site offering all the relevant services our users need.
With over 15 million registered email customers, WEB.DE is the second largest email provider in Germany.


With over 15 years of expertise in Internet communication, the email pioneer GMX (global message exchange) is one of the most successful communication services in the German-speaking Internet today.

GMX offers high-performance, innovative mail and messaging solutions for the digital communication for each private and semi-professional customers. Embedded in the country-specific portals GMX Germany, GMX Austria and GMX Switzerland with their country-specific content and services, GMX is the digital home base for 15.3 million Internet users in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


The acquisition of MAIL.COM in 2010 marks the starting point in Mail&Media's international success story. Within one and a half years, MAIL.COM has attracted over 2 million customers predominantly in the U.S., United Kingdom and France. With county-specific products in 15 languages, MAIL.COM aims to participate in the growth of emerging markets such as India and Brazil.

Again email is the core focus of MAIL.COM but additionally the portal provides an up-to-date international news and information service supported by global news agencies.

These three brands, WEB.DE, GMX and MAIL.COM, boast over 30 million active users worldwide of their freemail and premium mail services. The three portals, for their part, receive an additional 20 million unique visits per month.

Mail&Media is a 100% subsidiary of 1&1 Internet AG

About 1&1 Internet AG

1&1 is an internationally successful Germany based company with over 15 years of experience of providing a wide range of Internet solutions domestically and since 2003 internationally.
With over 7 million DSL/Internet telephony and hosting customers, more than 11 million ccTLD and gTLDs registration under management and in excess of 30 million Webmail account holders 1&1 is one of the leading Internet service companies worldwide.

The 1&1 brand provides products and services to our customers in two core areas.

The Access division concentrates on providing customers with solutions for high speed internet and telephone network access whether at home, in the office or when mobile. This can be either through DSL internet access, or through 1&1's mobile telephone and data network. As an access provider 1&1 is the second largest provider in Germany.

The second core area is 1&1's Hosting Division (Applications). This division provides the products, services and applications for our customers to actively create and optimize their own internet presence. The division primarily supplies webhosting packages, server rental, email and E-Business solutions and domain name purchase and management. The Hosting Division is internationally active with dedicated subsidiaries in the U.S.A, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Poland, Canada and Austria and is a leading hosting provider on the international stage.

1&1 Internet AG holds 100% of the 1&1 Mail & Media GmbH and is a 100% subsidiary of United Internet AG.

United Internet AG

With over 10 million fee-based customer contracts and over 32 million ad-financed free accounts, United Internet AG is a leading European internet specialist.

The heart of United Internet is our high-performance "Internet Factory" with over 5,200 employees, of which over 1,100 are engaged in product management, development and data centers. In addition to the high sales strength of its established brands (GMX, WEB.DE, 1&1, United-Domains, Fasthosts, InterNetX, Sedo and Affilinet) and distribution channels (some of which exclusive), United Internet stands for outstanding operational excellence with around 39 million customer accounts at 5 data centers with around 70,000 servers.

With global sales of 2.09€ billion and an EBT of 250.6€ million 2011 was a financially successful year for United Internet AG.

United Internet AG is listed on the German Techdax Stock Exchange trading under TECDAX WKN 508903.

United Internet AG holds 100% of 1&1 Internet AG which holds 100% of the 1&1 Mail & Media GmbH.

Reporting under the IFRS, all of United Internet AG's 100% controlled companies, including 1&1 Mail & Media, are accounted within United Internet's overall Annual Financial Statement and not individually.

Mission and Purpose

Due to the fact that GMX offers its services since 1997, it is difficult for new customers to find available email addresses they like, such as their name or reasonable combinations of names and other personal data.

With over 15,000 registrations per day the demand substantially exceeds the potential of the existing domains like gmx.de/gmx.net.

Importance of Email

Using an email address is one of the most important use-cases for internet-users. Emails addresses are necessary for:
-Personal communication
-Official communication
-Business communication
-As login credential for internet services (e.g. Facebook)
-Payment and Shopping Services (e.g. Paypal, Amazon)

Especially for communication purposes, the quality of an email address is part of the user's reputation. If your name is John Smith, for example, it is almost impossible to get an email address like [email protected]. These people have to switch to something like [email protected] or something even worse. These email addresses are not very prestigious and additionally difficult to remember.

With the new TDL .gmx, GMX can expand the available namespace for email addresses dramatically. Our mission is to offer prestigious and easy-to-remember email addresses for every one of our 15,000 new customers per day.