Google Workspace comes with a custom email address at your domain—but that’s just the start. You can create additional email aliases or group mailing addresses like "sales@yourcompany" for no additional charge.

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Do More With Alternate Email Addresses

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    Get started with Google Workspace Every subscription comes with a custom business gmail address (ie – you@yourcompany)
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    Create up to 30 email aliases per user Email aliases give individual users the ability to create additional email addresses.
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    Create up to 100 Google groups per user Google groups help teams communicate and collaborate with a shared email address.

Use Gmail Aliases to send and receive emails from another address all in one place.

  • Helpful for individuals who want a memorable, public email address.
  • All emails to the alias (ie – info@yourcompany) are centralized in a single Google Workspace account (ie – olivia@company).
  • The olivia@company account can send emails as info@company from her own account.
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Use Groups in Google to create email and distribution lists for teams, departments, or other groups.

  • Helpful for users who want to target appropriate teams rather than your entire organization for sharing.
  • All group members receive copies of the emails sent to the generic email address (ie – support@your company).
  • Share content with group members, including documents, videos, calendars, and meeting invitations.
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Gmail aliases and Google groups are available with all Google Workspace editions. We've partnered with Google to let you try Google Workspace for free for one month.

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What's Included with Google Workspace

Get a custom email address (you@yourcompany) along with your go-to apps like Gmail, Calendar, Meet, Chat, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, and more.

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