Thousands of people fall for fraudulent email communications from scammers using lookalike domains pretending to be reputable brands every day. Financial institutions are the most targeted organizations. 101domain provides managed DMARC compliance & consulting services for hundreds of banks across the country to help them prevent spoofing, phishing, and other types of email-based attacks.

Satisfy the security requirements for .bank DMARC compliance with 101domain & OnDMARC.

Why is a robust and effective DMARC compliance program important to your business?

  • Implement strict SPF, DKIM, and DMARC email security standards to reduce and eliminate business email compromise.
  • Gain visibility to see who is attempting to spoof your domain to send fraudulent emails.
  • Effectively reduce your emails ending up in spam folders across all major email platforms.
  • Improve your email deliverability rates to your customers by maintaining strict email security compliance.

Prevent spoofing and impersonation attacks.

With increased phishing and malware attacks, large email service providers must make tough choices about which messages to deliver and which they should not. When SPF, DKIM, and DMARC are properly configured with a DMARC policy set to reject, malicious emails impersonating your bank will be rejected or marked as spam and your legitimate email will be delivered to your recipient's inbox.

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Demystify and translate DMARC reporting into actionable data with OnDMARC.

OnDMARC's easy-to-use platform makes analyzing complex DMARC reports simple, and 101domain's engineers are with you every step of the way to ensure ongoing protection. Understand what emails are sent and successfully delivered, from where, and on what platforms so with our help, you can solve any DMARC failures and block spammers and specific regions from sending fraudulent emails on your behalf.

Improve your email marketing efforts, ROI, and your bottom line.

The DMARC email security protocol not only secures your organization's internal and external email communications but also prevents your emails from ending up in your client's spam folders. Our banking clients have seen a 20-30% increase in their email deliverability after reaching full DMARC compliance. The effort has more than paid for itself in these cases.

Overcome SPF lookup limitations.

Banks often require a robust SPF portfolio to encompass all of the third-party email and CRM services they use. For example, if you are using Salesforce to send emails to your customers, you would add Salesforce's information to your DNS records. Many organizations exceed the 10 SPF lookup limit, which can cause deliverability issues. OnDMARC provides a Dynamic SPF Lookup solution to solve this problem and work around this technical limitation.

Once you are fully DMARC-compliant, your bank will be eligible for Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI). BIMI is an emerging email standard that establishes trust in the legitimacy of your business by displaying your logo next to your emails to boost recognizability in the inbox and further increase your security against email spoofing, BEC, and account takeovers.

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Why should you trust 101domain to be your DMARC compliance partner?

Professional DMARC implementation

101domain's dedicated engineering team will do all of the heavy lifting from start to finish to configure SPF, DKIM, and DMARC for all of your legitimate email sources. We'll help you understand your email infrastructure and data analytics to make informed decisions regarding email domain security and deliverability.

Email marketing compliance

Whether you are using .COM, .bank or something else, we'l help you enforce a policy to reject all unauthorized email senders attempting to use your domain so you are in compliance with the banking industry's best practices and fTLD's .bank security requirements.

Prevent damaging losses

As you know, online brand protection and monitoring are cumbersome but necessary responsibilities. According to the FBI's Internet Crime Report, losses associated with BEC topped 2.7 billion in 2022. Ensuring DMARC compliance with 101domain's Managed DMARC Compliance Service minimizes your risk.

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Increase your bank email security with DMARC email authentication.

DMARC compliance is a surefire way to build customer trust by ensuring that emails sent from your bank are actually from your bank. Give your bank the best email security and performance available.

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