DNS is a critical component of website security and uptime that often goes overlooked or is inadequately provisioned. 101domain offers an enterprise-level DNS solution that can protect your bank from the largest and most sophisticated cyber attacks with a 100% uptime guarantee.

How does 101domain's enterprise-level DNS solution powered by Cloudflare satisfy your bank security requirements?

DNS Security.
DNSSEC, or Domain Name System Security Extensions, adds a layer of security to prevent visitors intending to reach your domain from being redirected. With 101domain's DNS solution, adding DNSSEC is as easy as flipping a switch and uploading a DS record (which we'll do for you).
TLS Technology.
HTTPS encrypts traffic so nobody on the Internet can snoop on information sent to and from your website, for example, your customer's banking usernames and passwords. 101domain's DNS solution uses the latest TLS technology to help you satisfy PCI and fTLD's .bank security requirements and enhance your security, trust, and search result rankings.
Child Nameservers.
Whether you are using .COM, .bank or something else, child nameservers provide security and control. 101domain's DNS solution satisfies the fTLD registry's security requirements for in-zone nameservers. Child nameservers shield your DNS provider information from displaying in public WHOIS directories and also simplify the process of changing hosts.
100% Uptime.
When a client tries to reach your bank's website and it's down, there are financial and reputational consequences. 101domain's DNS solution using Cloudflare's massive network has built-in redundancy and security to eliminate downtime. If your server goes down for whatever reason, the closest and fastest network node will display a static copy of your website content, ensuring your site is always available to users with immediate response.
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Why should you trust 101domain to be your bank DNS service provider?

Easy implementation
101domain’s dedicated engineering team will move your infrastructure to our secure DNS solution with little to no downtime.

Expert configuration
Our technical engineers will configure the settings your bank needs to comply with industry standards and fTLD’s .bank DNS security requirements.

Continuous support
Our engineering and support teams are at your disposal to offer guidance and support as you continue to build out your infrastructure with your new .bank domain.

Total security
Consolidate your digital assets and services at 101domain. Our platform is SOC 2 compliant, and we offer the value and support your bank deserves.

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101domain partners with Cloudflare to provide our clients with an enterprise-grade DNS solution that offers the level of security, reliability, and performance banks require. Best of all, this solution is available to you without “breaking the bank”, starting at less than $200/month.

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