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The main mission of Banco Bradesco is to provide solutions, financial products and services and insurance with agility and competence, especially by way of banking inclusion and the promotion of social mobility, contributing to sustainable development and to the construction of lasting... Read more

The main mission of Banco Bradesco is to provide solutions, financial products and services and insurance with agility and competence, especially by way of banking inclusion and the promotion of social mobility, contributing to sustainable development and to the construction of lasting relationships to add value for the shareholders and for society as a whole.

For this reason, the request for gTLD.bradesco serves as a basis for support to render viability to the primary mission of Banco Bradesco, which consists of the expansion of its global presence, in an innovative fashion, to promote banking inclusion and via the secure use of technology.

It is this banking inclusion sought by Banco Bradesco, consolidated on the national market on a daily basis, that has promoted positive social mobility on the part of the previously underprivileged Brazilian population.

The levels of consumption in Brazilian families has been driven by the increased level of activity in the job market, while investments have benefitted from the opportunities related to the major sporting events planned for the coming years to the exploration of the pre-salt oil fields. On this point, it is fitting to underline the fact that Banco Bradesco was the first Brazilian company to sponsor the Rio 2016 Olympic Games set to take place in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

With no signs of excessive undermining of income on the part of the borrowers and with the continuity of the process for social mobility, the outlook for the Brazilian banking system remains favorable, which means that Banco Bradesco has sufficient reason and support to further expand its operations, both on the Brazilian market and on a global level.

Within this scenario of growth, Banco Bradesco designed a strategy for organic growth where, in the last 12 months, it opened 1,009 new Branches, thereby adding more than new employees in this period.

The banking inclusion of Brazilian population with the lowest purchasing power in the major urban centers and in specific locations lies in the essence of the activities carried out by the Bank. The foremost beneficiaries of this service include classes D and E.

Currently, Banco Bradesco holds 25.1 million Checking Accounts, 43.4 million Savings Accounts and has 40.3 million customers for its Insurance Group. All of these clients have access to a Services Network in Brazil with 7,586 Points of Service. These Bradesco customers also have access to 1,477 Electronic Points of Service (PAEs), 34,839 Bradesco Express Outlets, 34,516 ATMs pertaining to the company´s own Bradesco Dia & Noite Automatic Service Network and 12,455 Shared Network ATMs. The Bank also has 12 branches outside Brazil.

In 2010, on average, more than eight thousand new checking accounts were opened each day. Since 2009, Bradesco has been present in every single one of the 5,565 Brazilian municipal districts. An element of evidence relating to the work done by the Bank to promote inclusion is the fact that, of the total number of private individual account holders within the Organization, 31% belong to social classes D and E.

The Bank believes that banking inclusion triggers a beneficial cycle in Society. With the possibility of access to credit, people promote local commerce, thereby generating opportunities for retailers to bring their activities in line with the regulating norms and to consolidate themselves as corporate entities. With the support of Bradesco, they are able to obtain credit to invest in their businesses and this leads to the generating of new jobs, improvement in the offer of products, the gaining of new customers and the conquest of loyalty among existing customers, especially through facility in the acquisition of goods and services within their own communities. This being so, economic, social and intellectual development give rise to the evolution of the people involved and their businesses

It is in this sense that Banco Bradesco intends to further expand its presence, now within the digital environment, via promoting the use of new technologies designed to facilitate access and accessibility to use and, especially, to facilitate understanding of its messages among its wide ranging public (customers and employees) through the use of this new extension. With the concession of this system, Banco Bradesco will be able to produce advertising campaigns and messages that are clearer to its customers and users, it will facilitate access to the Banks products and services and provide support for customer perception of security in the digital channels.

In addition to this, we should also point out that the "Bradesco" brand has been considered for years as being the most valuable brand name in Brazil; for six consecutive years in accordance with the Brand Finance/Superbrands, as well, as being the ninth most valuable among all of the banks in the world (http://www.superbrands.com.br/index.html) and also standing among the top global positions in other rankings.

The companies within the Bradesco Group have been the recipients of a number of awards in recent years or have been classified in prestigious positions in financial market analysis rankings, be it due to their excellence in the exercise of their activities or due to the consolidation and increase in value of the brand on the market, as demonstrated through some of the awards received by the bank and listed below:
- Highlight in ranking for the world's largest banks in terms of market value, standing in 10th place (Bloomberg);
- Largest private capital business group in Brazil ("Major Groups" Year Book - Valor Econômico);
- One of the best companies to work for, according to "Biggest among the Best for 2011" (GreatPlacetoWork®, in partnership with the O Estado de São Paulo newspaper);
- Best company in personnel management in the category for "More than 10,000 employees" (Valor Carreira - Valor Econômico);
- For the 7th consecutive occasion, Bradesco is included in the Business Sustainability Index (BSI) portfolio pertaining to the São Paulo Securities, Commodities and Futures Exchange (BM&FBovespa);
- The Bradesco Insurance Group received the "Professionals of the Year" award in the "Nationwide Campaign" category with its "Vai Que" campaign (Rede Globo); and

Acknowledgement of Bradesco's performance has been underlined by a number of major international publications, with the following emphasis for the "Forbes - The World's Leading Companies" survey from May 2011, which presents Banco Bradesco in 1st Place in the Brazilian Financial Segment and 3rd place in the World.

In addition to the awards and recognition listed above, it is worth remembering that on January 5, 2012, Banco Bradesco became a signatory of the International Declaration of Banks on the Environment and Sustainable Development, formalizing its entry to the United Nations Environment Programme - Financial Initiative (UNEP-FI), a program run by the United Nations Organization aimed especially at financial institutions committed to sustainable finances.

These are the fruits of a Bank that always invests in innovation based on the use of Technology to facilitate access and use by its customers. It is this excellence and innovation that serve as a base for the sustainable growth of the Bank. Banco Bradesco is a pioneer in technology, developing efficient means of reaching its customers and processing its operations in a secure and un-interrupted manner, constantly investing in innovations and the development of new products and services.

To render all of its products and solutions viable, the Bank has a Department of Information and Technology Research (DPIT), consisting of a multidisciplinary team of analysts, engineers and specialists whose foremost mission it is to seek innovation.×