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Bharti Enterprises (Holding) Private Limited

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Bharti Crescent, 1, Nelson Mandela Road
Vasant Kunj Phase II
New Delhi Delhi 110 070

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Indian Companies Act 1956

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About Bharti: Founded in 1976, by Sunil Bharti Mittal, Bharti Enterprises (Holding) Private Limited (BEHPL) [popularly known as Bharti or Bharti Enterprises] has grown from being a manufacturer of bicycle parts to one of the largest and most respected business groups in India. With its... Read more

About Bharti:
Founded in 1976, by Sunil Bharti Mittal, Bharti Enterprises (Holding) Private Limited (BEHPL) [popularly known as Bharti or Bharti Enterprises] has grown from being a manufacturer of bicycle parts to one of the largest and most respected business groups in India. With its entrepreneurial spirit and passion to undertake business projects that are transformational in nature, Bharti has created world-class businesses in telecom, financial services, retail and foods.
Bharti started its telecom services business by launching mobile services in Delhi (India) in 1995. Since then there has been no looking back and Bharti Airtel, the group's flagship company, has emerged as one of top telecom companies in the world and is amongst the top five wireless operators in the world.
Through its global telecom operations Bharti group operates under the ‘Airtel' brand in 19 countries across Asia and Africa- India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Seychelles, Burkina Faso, Chad, Congo Brazzaville, Democratic Republic of Congo, Gabon, Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Niger, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia. In addition, the group also has mobile operations in Jersey, Guernsey.
Over the past few years, the group has diversified into emerging business areas in the fast expanding Indian economy. With a vision to build India's finest conglomerate by 2020 the group has forayed into the retail sector by opening retail stores in multiple formats - small and medium - as well as establishing large scale cash and carry stores to serve institutional customers and other retailers. The group offers a complete portfolio of financial services - life insurance, general insurance and asset management - to customers across India. Bharti also serves customers through its fresh and processed foods business. The group has growing interests in other areas such as telecom software, real estate, training and capacity building, and distribution of telecom/IT products.
What sets Bharti apart from the rest is its ability to forge strong partnerships. Over the years some of biggest names in international business have partnered with Bharti. Currently Singtel, IBM, Ericsson, Nokia Siemens and Alcatel-Lucent are our key partners in telecom. Walmart is Bharti's partner for its cash and carry venture. Axa Group is the partner for the financial service business and Del Monte Pacific for the processed foods division.
Bharti strongly believes in giving back to the society and through its philanthropic arm the Bharti Foundation it is reaching out to over 30,000 underprivileged children and youth in India.
Mission of .bharti
Currently, the web sites of Bharti are registered under several existing TLDs like ".com" (bharti.com), ".in" (bharti.in) and other group company domains (www.bhartirealty.com, etc).
Mission of .bharti is to be the entry point for all ventures of bharti - across geographies and businesses. It is to build brand recall and trust and build a seamless, consistent web experience.
Numerous and often non-synergized conventions/ cybersquatting in the existing TLDs may mislead our customers to various phishing/malicious web sites, leading to possible online fraud. Bharti wants to have an exclusive ownership of a TLD, as it intends to have complete control on the second-level domain names to have consistent presence worldwide for the brand Bharti and provide a certain comfort level to customers, thereby consolidating and simplifying its online identity.
Purpose of .bharti
Bharti values the Internet as a strong medium to reach out to its investors, employees and other stakeholders. Bharti believes that owning a TLD (.bharti) will lead to the following benefits:
• Increased global brand visibility
• Quicker and easier recall
• Consistent web guidelines and design across geographies, products and services
• Search Engine Marketing/Optimization cost reductions
• Increase in the value of the group by owning a strong brand identity
• Brand and domain name protection
• Increased long-term brand loyalty
• Easy navigation for stakeholders
• Intuitive Internet navigation
• Effective tool to avoid cybersquatting/ phishing
• Reputation Management
• Greater level of control over Internet presence with regards to costs, intellectual property and technical control
• Ease of communication with internal and external stakeholders
• Rationalise our online presence (including our portfolio of domains and trademarks) by using .bharti as the gateway to our online properties
• Own- brand online community building
• Complete control over second level registration and use
• Social Media Optimization
• Stronger marketing tool for creation of online campaigns
• Minimal reduction of dependence on search engines in future

Bharti group companies' web sites attract millions of visits every month. Bharti wishes to integrate similar visit volumes across multiple web sites to create a mammoth entry web site for Bharti globally.
Bharti group companies spend massive amounts every year on online marketing, production and campaigns. At a global level, Bharti wishes to optimize this cost through the new gTLD.
Bharti will be using .bharti exclusively for its group companies and products, services, campaigns, partners and customers of its group companies.
It is being estimated that in the first year after .bharti is allotted to Bharti group, around 62 second-level domains will be registered; in the second- year around 86 second-level domains will be live; in the third-year around 110 second-level domains will be live.
In the first-year, priority will be provided to the existing domains of Bharti group. Combination of transactional and information web sites will be brought under the new gTLD of BHARTI GROUP. In the subsequent years, other existing domains and new domains of BHARTI GROUP and its subsidiaries will also be brought under the new gTLD of BHARTI GROUP.×