What does OnDMARC check for?

All it takes is a single fraudulent email to damage the relationship you have with a client. With increased phishing and malware attacks, large email service providers have to make very difficult choices about which messages to deliver and which ones they should not. Therefore, you need a monitoring system in place to secure your domain and help email receivers reduce fraudulent email activity.

Introducing OnDMARC – an email authentication and reporting technology that prevents phishing attacks via impersonation. When layered with SPF and DKIM, DMARC allows incoming email servers to identify who an email is sent from.

Identifying if an email sender is authorized or fraudulent is only half the battle, and monitoring every aspect of your email deliverability is a full-time job. OnDMARC makes it easy to configure SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records for all legitimate email sources. In compliance with fTLD requirements, OnDMARC enforces a policy to reject all unauthorized emails that use your domain and actively block phishing.

Gain insight with OnDMARC email validation reporting

Imagine trying to solve dozens, hundreds or even thousands of DMARC fails using email headers. With OnDMARC you don’t have to. OnDMARC gives in-depth reports on what emails are sending, from where, and on what platforms. The data pulled can even identify the header and subject line of each email.

image showing dozens of email headers

Secure and enforce with DMARC policy

As you know, online brand reputation and monitoring is a cumbersome responsibility. Our implementation professionals will take the load off your day-to-day work in these areas.

We'll help you analyze OnDMARC reports to prevent spammers and specific regions from sending fraudulent emails on your behalf. Verifying your email as a genuine sender will boost your email deliverability and improve your marketing efforts.

No DMARC record found could mean trouble for your business

The 101domain technical engineers will get you set up with the three standards, DMARC, SPF, and DKIM, that make up the email authentication technology and in compliance with fTLD requirements. Once OnDMARC is fully deployed, we will continue to monitor for new sources of email and any further attacks. We will continue to block phishing attacks and protect your brand reputation actively.

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What is DMARC email validation & reporting?

  • Configure SPF, DKIM and DMARC for all legitimate email sources
  • Gain visibility to see who is using your domain to send fake emails
  • Stop fraudulent emails sending from your domain
  • Boost deliverability by verifying you as the genuine sender

Dynamic SPF Lookups

Organizations often require a robust SPF portfolio to encompass all of the third-party email and CRM services they use. SPF records define the mail servers permitted to send email on behalf of their domains. Dynamic SPF Lookups with OnDMARC allow your business to include more IPs to expand your SPF cybersecurity strategy.

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