VIP Security Card

Only you have access to the physical device that generates the additional security code required to validate your identity.


This is included at no cost.

The 101domain VIP credential is a credit card size security device that offers second-level security authentication to access your account. Hackers and would-be thieves can often guess or discover your user name or password, leading to a compromised account. With the VIP security card, when you log into your account with your usual user name and password, you'll then be asked to provide a unique one-time security code that is generated from your security card. Once you enter in this code, you can proceed to your account.


  • Account level access control
  • Provide second-level credential access to your account
  • Adds enterprise-level authentication security by VeriSign™, the trusted name in security
  • Activate up to 3 VIP security cards per account
  • Use your card to secure popular partner websites like PayPal™, eBay™ and more!

After registering your VIP credential with our site, you will then be required to use it each time you log in. Some of the things this service protects against are keystroke logging compromises common in virus or hacker attacks and e-mail phishing schemes. It can also provide some limits to account access by key persons or employees as well as your computer on untrusted networks.