What is a domain name, and why do I need one?

The first step to getting a website online is to acquire your domain name. A domain name is used by the Domain Name System (DNS) to point the correct web traffic to the correct place. With many domain names available at 101domain, you have the opportunity to get a domain name as unique and memorable as you are. Explore below to find all of the many options available to you.

ccTLD country code Top Level Domain

What is a ccTLD? ccTLDs are domain names unique to each country. ccTLDs are a great way to show your national pride, or to reach an elusive international market with your message.

gTLD generic Top Level Domain

What is a gTLD? gTLDs are “generic” domain names which include both the “classic” domain names we have all come to know (such as .com and .info) but also new domain names which were recently created to open up more options (such as .club and .law) as internet usage continues to climb!

IDN Internationalized Domain Name

What is an IDN? IDNs are a new type of domain name that are able to be typed and read in non-Latin script. A large portion of the world communicates using non-Latin languages, and IDNs were created to serve the significant portion of the world those languages represent.