Portfolio Secure

Freezes your account from all unauthorized critical changes.

Providing Registrar/Registry level access control, with Portfolio Secure™ security service, no one is able to make changes to your account or your domains without answering the proper security questions. This can control and limit employee changes to your account as well as prevent unauthorized changes to critical areas of your account and domain portfolio.

After purchasing the service, you will setup three security questions and provide answers to each that only you know. Once confirmed, changes to any critical information in your account must now be first authenticated by answering your security questions. Critical information that can be frozen from changes in your domain portfolio include the following:

  • Account Information
  • WHOIS Contact Information
  • DNS Records
  • Security settings
  • Modification of passwords
  • Web forwarding
  • Transfer Authorization Codes
  • and more!

Since resetting your security questions cannot be done online, you must contact customer support and proceed through a manual verification process to reset Portfolio Secure™.