.BANK Domain Name Renewal Offer
Over $530 in savings!

Renew your .BANK domain name for two years or transfer in from another registrar, and 101domain will help you meet the .BANK security requirements to resolve or forward your domain name with no additional cost to you.

Secure Managed DNS – FREE ($358 savings)

  • Anycast Child DNS - We will host your .BANK domain’s zone records on a global Anycast DNS cloud that provides exceptional resolution of your zone records.*
  • Domain Forwarding - Use your .BANK domain to forward your clients to your current website while staying compliant within the registry’s terms of service. A brief message will be shown to your clients informing them that they are redirecting to your current site (per registry requirements).
  • Default Mail Records - Default DMARC for a non-sender domain is placed on your zone. Learn more at the following pages:

Skip a validation cycle - $149 savings

When you renew your .BANK domain name for 2 years, you only have to validate 1 time in that period saving you $149 off the 2 year renewal price.

.BANK Domain SSL – FREE ($25.90 savings)

A RapidSSL certificate provides peace of mind to your clients accessing your .BANK domain and is required to resolve or forward your domain name.

Two-Factor Authentication – FREE

Two-factor authentication security enables a time based code to be required when you log into your account, preventing access should your credentials become compromised and is required to resolve or forward your domain name.

*25k query limit per month. Contact us for a customized solution if your needs are more robust.

Enjoy these valuable services along with 101domain's personalized support. We can help you meet the registry's security requirements to use your .BANK domain name!