The United Mexican States, the official name of the country commonly referred to as Mexico, is located toward the bottom of North America. They are bordered on the south and west by the Pacific Ocean. This country covers almost two million square kilometers. Mexico is considered a regional and middle power, economically, due to having one of the largest economies in the world. Tourism plays a huge part, as they are the 10th most visited country on Earth.

After they achieved total independence from Spain in 1917, Mexico's political system can be described as a federal presidential constitutional republic. Their country employs a President, Senate, and a Supreme Court. Mexico is home to approximately 118,395,100 people as of 2013. That makes them the 11th most populated country in the entire world. The official language is Spanish, and it is one of the least densely populated areas too, with about 52 people per square kilometer. The religion that the majority of the people practice is Roman Catholicism.

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