Canada is country located in Northern America, with three territories and ten provinces. Canada is over 9.9 million square kilometers and it is the world's second largest country after Russia. In 1982 Canada became independent from British Parliament. Canada is a bilingual nation with both English and French as official languages.

Canada is a part of the world's biggest organizations, such as NATO, the UN, G7, and APEC. Canada's economy is based on its abundant natural resources. Canada's biggest trade partner is the U.S.A. Canada has the sixth highest Human Development Index and have one of highest living standards in the world. Canada has the longest coastline and longest land border in the world. Canada possesses more lakes than any country in the world. It is a geologically active area and has many earthquakes and potentially active volcanoes. One of its biggest volcanic eruptions occurred in 1775 in the Nass River valley of northern British Columbia, killing 2,000 people and blocking the flow of the Nass River

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