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You may think any DNS service is good enough to power your growing business. While standard DNS services will get the job done, you want a service that goes above and beyond average standards.

Cloudflare DNS outperforms every other platform in the industry for DNS banking, securing your web properties from vulnerabilities, with reliable technology, and custom insights.

  • Performance A growing DNS in banking, Cloudflare sees an astounding 15% of global HTTP Internet requests.
  • Security Security engineers at Cloudflare are constantly creating new rules to protect your website against threats.
  • Reliability Cloudflare provides 100% SLA and uptime guarantee with global and fast content delivery networks (CDN).
  • Insights Set up alerts and notifications surrounding your DNS record settings, so you always know how your website is reporting.

Cloudflare .bank DNS management

Cloudflare has over 1,000 employees and 165 data centers in 75 countries around the world. Your website is served faster to users who are close to data centers and with 99% of the population close to a Cloudflare data center this a standard part of the experience.

Cloudflare has the most extensive network of DDoS protection equip to absorb massive attacks.

A team of 50 security engineers is always updating and deploying new technology to combat sophisticated attacks. Creating custom rules to protect your website is a full-time job that requires the expertise of seasoned professionals. With 101domain and Cloudflare you get access to personalized support and security from experienced engineers.

Cloudflare's .bank DNS service keeps your website up

It's bad for business when a client tries to reach your site, and it's down. You never have to experience downtime again with the power of Cloudflare CDN.

If your server goes down, the closest and fastest network will display a static copy of your website content. This backup system reduces load time, eliminates downtime from attacks, and ensures your site is always available to users with immediate response.

Global map showing CDN centers with Cloudflare statistics

Moving your .bank DNS to Cloudflare

Don't think you have the time to move your infrastructure to a new DNS system? The default Cloudflare solution is easy to implement and configured with the tools and resources your business needs to succeed. We are here to work with you one-on-one to take you further and ensure you feel confident with your DNS management strategy.

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Enterprise-level DNS security by Cloudflare

  • Secure DNS/DNSSEC
  • Enterprise-class DDOS Protection
  • 100% SLA and uptime guarantee
  • Web application firewalls (WAF)
  • Rate limiting
  • Bot mitigation

Employ Cloudflare services for your .bank implementation or corporate brand strategy today

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