Once you provide your trade or brand mark, our proprietary system monitors them in nearly all of the ccTLD registration databases worldwide. The algorithms used are sophisticated and intelligent, helping to find exact and similar or confusingly-similar matches to your brand name being monitored. This allows us to continuously monitor the WHOIS databases that are inaccessible to most people.

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Our monitoring services delivers comprehensive reports directly to you with the following information.

  • Domain Name
  • Link to the active website found
  • Complete WHOIS reports
  • Jurisdiction
  • Home Page Title
  • Proprietary & Patented Technology
  • 24/7 monitoring of over 900 ccTLDs worldwide – the most complete coverage available anywhere
  • Weekly alerts of identical, similar or similarly confusing domain names newly registered worldwide
  • WHOIS information of the domain names found (where available) as well as name server information
  • Robust Brand Manager Console you can use to store, organize, and notate all of your watch notices
  • Economical access to the broadest-reaching domain name monitoring service found anywhere

Included Domains

The Global Domain Monitoring Service includes monitoring and automated alerts for the following domain extensions. More are being added all the time to ensure complete worldwide coverage.

ab.ca, ac, ac.cn, ac.id, ac.ir, ac.uk, ac.yu, ac.za, ac.zw, ad, ad.jp, ae, aero, af, ag, ah.cn, ai, al, am, an, ao, aq, ar, arts.nf, as, asia, asn.au, asso.fr, asso.nc, at, au, aw, ax, az, ba, bb, bc.ca, bd, be, bf, bg, bh, bi, biz, biz.et, biz.fj, biz.ki, biz.nr, biz.om, biz.pk, biz.pl, biz.pr, biz.tj, biz.tt, biz.vn, bj, bj.cn, bl, bm, bn, bo, br, bs, bt, bw, by, bz, ca, cat, cc, cd, cf, cg, ch, ci, ck, cl, cm, cn, co, co.ac, co.ae, co.ag, co.ao, co.at, co.bb, co.bi, co.bw, co.ck, co.cm, co.cr, co.cz, co.dk, co.ee, co.fk, co.gg, co.gy, co.hu, co.id, co.il, co.im, co.in, co.ir, co.it, co.je, co.jp, co.ke, co.kr, co.ls, com, co.ma, com.ac, com.af, com.ag, com.ai, com.al, com.an, com.ar, com.au, com.az, com.ba, com.bb, com.bd, com.bh, com.bi, com.bm, com.bn, com.bo, com.br, com.bs, com.bt, com.by, com.bz, com.ci, com.cn, com.co, com.cu, com.cy, com.cz, com.dm, com.do, com.dz, com.ec, com.ee,com.eg, com.er, com.es, com.et, com.fj, com.fr, com.gd, com.ge, com.gh, com.gi, com.gl, com.gn, com.gp, com.gr, com.gt, com.gu, com.gy, com.hk, com.hn, com.hr, com.ht, com.io, com.iq, com.jm, com.jo, com.kg, com.kh, com.ki, com.kn, com.kw, com.ky, com.kz, com.lb, com.lc, com.lk, com.lv, com.ly, com.mg, com.mk, com.ml, com.mm, com.mo, com.mt, com.mu, com.mv, com.mw, com.mx, com.my, com.na, com.nf, com.ng, com.ni, com.np, com.nr, com.om, com.pa, com.pe, com.pg, com.ph, com.pk, com.pl, com.pr, com.ps, com.pt, com.py, com.qa, com.re, com.ro, com.ru, com.sa, com.sb, com.sc, com.sd, com.sg, com.sl, com.sn, com.sv, com.sy, com.tj, com.tl, com.tn, com.tp, com.tr, com.tt, com.tw, co.mu, com.ua, com.uy, com.uz, com.vc, com.ve, com.vi, com.vn, co.mw, com.ws, com.ye, co.mz, com.zm, co.ni, co.nl, co.nz, co.om, coop, co.pn, co.pt, co.ro, co.sz, co.th, co.tj, co.tt, co.tz, co.ua, co.ug, co.uk, co.uz, co.ve, co.vi, co.yu, co.za, co.zm, co.zw, cq.cn, cr, csiro.au, cu, cv, cx, cy, cz, de, dj, dk, dk.zone.srt, dm, do, dz, ec, edu, edu.al, edu.ar, edu.au, edu.ec, edu.ee, edu.eg, edu.jo, edu.kh, edu.mt, edu.ng, edu.np, edu.qa, edu.ye, edu.yu, ee, eh, es, et, eu, fi, fin.ec, firm.ht, firm.in, firm.nf, firm.ro, firm.ve, fj, fj.cn, fk, fm, fo, fr, ga, gd, gd.cn, ge, gen.in, gen.tr, gf, gg, gh, gi, gl, gm, gn, go.id, gouv.fr, gov.kh, gov.uk, gp, gq, gr, gr.jp, gs, gs.cn, gt, gw, gx.cn, gy, gz.cn, ha.cn, hb.cn, he.cn, hi.cn, hk, hk.cn, hl.cn, hm, hn, hn.cn, hr, ht, hu, id.ir, id.lv, ie, im, in, info, info.au, info.ec, info.et, info.fj, info.ht, info.hu, info.ki, info.nf, info.nr, info.pl, info.pr, info.ro, info.tt, info.ve, info.vn, int.ar, in.th, io, iq, ir, is, it, it.ao, je, jl.cn, jm, jo, jobs, jp, js.cn, jx.cn, kg, ki, km, kn, kp, kr, kw, ky, kyonggi.kr, kz, la, lb, lc, li, lk, ln.cn, lr, ls, lt, ltd.gi, ltd.uk, lu, lv, ly, ma, mc, md, me, med.ec, me.uk, mf, mg, mh, mil.ar, mil.ec, mil.jomisc, mk, ml, mm, mn, mo, mobi, mo.cn, mod.gi, mp, mq, mr, ms, mu, muni.il, museum, mv, mw, mx, my, mz, na, name, name.vn, nc, ne, ne.jp, ne.kr, net, net.ac, net.ae, net.af, net.ag, net.ai, net.al, net.an, net.ar, net.au, net.az, net.bb, net.bd, net.bn, net.bo, net.br, net.bs, net.bt, net.bz, net.ck, net.cn, net.co, net.dm, net.do, net.dz, net.ec, net.eg, net.et, net.fj, net.fk, net.gg, net.gl, net.gn, net.gp, net.gr, net.gt, net.gy, net.hk, net.hn, net.ht, net.id, net.il, net.in, net.ir, net.je, net.jo, net.kg, net.kh, net.ki, net.lb, net.lv, net.ly, net.ma, net.mk, net.ml, net.mm, net.mo, net.mt, net.mu, net.mw, net.mx, net.my, net.nf, net.ng, net.np, net.nr, net.nz, net.om, net.pe, net.pg, net.ph, net.pk, net.pl, net.pn, net.pr, net.ps, net.py, net.qa, net.ru, net.sa, net.sb, net.sc, net.sd, net.sg, net.sy, net.th, net.tj, net.tl, net.tp, net.tr, net.tt, net.tw, net.ua, net.uk, net.vc, net.ve, net.vi, net.vn, net.ye, ne.tz, net.zm, ne.ug, nf, ng, nhs.uk, nl, nm.cn, no, nom.es, nom.fr, nr, nu, nx.cn, nz, off.ai, om, or.at, or.bi, org, org.ac, org.ae, org.af, org.ag, org.ai, org.al, org.an, org.ar, org.au, org.az, org.bb, org.bd, org.bi, org.bn, org.bo, org.br, org.bs, org.bt, org.bz, org.ck, org.cn, org.co, org.dm, org.do, org.dz, org.ec, org.ee, org.eg, org.es, org.et, org.fj, org.fk, org.gg, org.gi, org.gl, org.gn, org.gr, org.gt, org.hk, org.hn, org.ht, org.hu, org.il, org.im, org.in, org.ir, org.je, org.jo, org.kg, org.kh, org.ki, org.lb, org.lv, org.ly, org.ma, org.mk, org.ml, org.mm, org.mo, org.mt, org.mu, org.mw, org.mx, org.my, org.mz, org.na, org.nf, org.ng, org.ni, org.np, org.nr, org.nz, org.om, org.pe, org.ph, org.pk, org.pl, org.pn, org.pr, org.ps, org.py, org.qa, org.ro, org.ru, org.sa, org.sc, org.sd, org.se, org.sg, org.sl, org.sy, org.tj, org.tl, org.tp, org.tr, org.tt, org.tw, org.ua, org.uk, org.vc, org.ve, org.vi, org.vn, org.ye, org.yu, org.za, org.zm, or.id, or.jp, or.ke, or.kr, or.mu, or.th, or.tz, or.ug, other.nf, oz.au, pa, pe, pe.kr, per.nf, pf, pg, ph, pk, pl, plc.uk, pm, pn, post, pp.ru, pp.se, pr, pro, pro.vn, ps, pt, pw, qa, qc.ca, qh.cn, re, rec.nf, rec.ve, ro, rs, ru, rw, sb, sc, sc.cn, sch.ir, sch.uk, sd, sd.cn, se, seoul.kr, sg, sh, sh.cn, si, sj, sk, sl, sm, sn, sn.cn, so, sr, st, store.nf, store.ve, su, sv, sx.cn, sy, sz, tc, td, tel, telememo.au, tf, tg, th, tj, tj.cn, tk, tl, tm, tm.fr, tm.mt, tm.ro, tm.se, tm.za, tn, to, tp, tr, travel, tt, tv, tw, tw.cn, ua, ug, uk, uk.co, us, uz, va, vc, ve, vg, vi, vn, vu, web.do, web.id, web.nf, web.pk, web.ve, wf, ws, xj.cn, xz.cn, ye, yn.cn, yt, yu, za, zj.cn, zm