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The Comoros is an island nation off the coast of northwestern Madagascar, located between the big island and the rest of Africa. Comoros officially has four main islands; however, one of the islands, Mayotte, is still being administered by France, being the only island that voted against independence in 1975.

There are less than a million people in Komoros, however, the small land area of the country means that even with this small number it is densely populated. The dominant religion by far is Sunni Islam, which represents as much as 98% of the population. The most common language is the local Comorian language, but Arabic and French are also widely spoken and all 3 are considered official languages by the government.

Comoros is currently governed by a federal presidential republic after having been a military dictatorship for many years. In addition to the president, Comoros also has a parliament that has legislative powers. The legal system in Comoros is based on both Islamic law as well as a French legal code that has been inherited from the time when France colonized the region.

Economically, Comoros is one of the poorest countries in the world. Most of the population engages in agriculture, hunting, and fishing in a subsistence lifestyle. There are also plantations with produce the bulk of country’s cash crop exports, including vanilla, cloves, and various perfume materials. Comoros is the world’s second largest producer of vanilla.