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  • .Business General

    .business   Q2 2014
  • .CORP Corporate

    .corp   Q2 2014
  • .INC Incorporated

    .inc   Q2 2014
  • .LLC Limited Company

    .llc   Q2 2014
  • .LLP Limited Liability Partnership

    .llp   Q2 2014
  • .LTD Limited Company

    .ltd   Q2 2014
  • .LTDA Portuguese / Spanish Limited Company

    .ltda   Q2 2014
  • .Limited Liability Company

    .limited   Q2 2014
  • .ONG French Non-Governmental Organization

    .ong   Q2 2014
  • .SARL Société à responsabilité limitée

    .sarl   Q2 2014
  • .SRL Private Limited Company

    .srl   Q2 2014
  • Agency

    .agency   18 Feb 2014 - 19 Apr 2014
  • Company

    .company   19 Mar 2014
  • Enterprises

    .enterprises   26 Feb 2014
  • Foundation

    .foundation   11 Mar 2014 - 10 May 2014
  • GMBH Gesellschat mit Beschraenkter Haftung

    .gmbh   Q2 2014
  • Global

    .global   Q2 2014
  • Ngo Non-Governmental Organization

    .ngo   Q2 2014

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