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The Zulu are a large and distinct cultural group in South Africa. Originally their own nation, they were eventually absorbed as part of South Africa after conflict with the British Empire caused them to disperse. Today they maintain their own strong cultural identity, making them an important part of the South African identity.

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The Zulu are the largest cultural group in South Africa. The Zulu were originally formed as a distinct nation in 1818, when King Shaka successfully united a group of loosely connected tribes into one nation. However, this nation quickly came into conflict with the British Empire, and was defeated, eventually being absorbed into what is now South Africa.

Today, there are somewhere around 10 million Zulus, most of which still live in South Africa. They predominantly speak the traditional Zulu language, with many also speaking English, Portuguese, or Afrikaans. The majority of Zulus today identify as Christian, with many also practicing traditional Zulu ancestor worship in conjunction with their Christianity.

The Zulu people are mostly clustered in the eastern portion of South Africa. Originally living primarily in the region of KwaZulu-Natal, many Zulus have moved to the Gauteng province instead due mainly to the greater economic prospects in that region.