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.th Domain Name

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Thailand is one of the most important and well known countries in Southeast Asia. Despite social and political upheaval, it remains one of the largest economies in the region, a thriving exporter and tourism spot. Its capital and largest city by far is Bangkok, one of the world's top tourism destinations. .TH is the country code extension for Thailand.

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The Kingdom of Thailand is a country in Southeast Asia. It is bordered in the east by Cambodia and Laos, to the north by Burma, and to the south by Malaysia. The capital city is Bangkok, a large urban metropolis containing 8 million of Thailand's approximately 66 million citizens. Another 14 million live in the surrounding area around Bangkok, for a total of about 1/3 of the total population living in and around this city.

Called Siam until the name was officially changed in 1939, Thailand is the only southeast Asian country that has never been colonized by Europeans. This is due to Thailand's rules successfully playing the British and French off of each other so that neither could get the upper hand in the region.

Modern day Thailand is governed by a constitutional monarchy, with a hereditary king as head of state and a prime minister as head of the government. Thailand's government has had a lot of upheaval in recent times, with coups replacing the government often. Most recently, a military coup in May of 2014 resulted in the army chief being installed as the new prime minister.

Thailand is a newly industrialized country, and has experience rapid growth in the recent past. They are a large exporter of many things, including rice, computers and electronics, rubber, and textiles. They also have a thriving tourism industry. Thailand has the second largest economy in southeast Asia, acting as an anchor economy for the countries bordering it.