Secure Web Accelerator Basic

Secure Web Accelerator Plus

Secure Web Accelerator Premium

0.99 USD / month (billed annually)

19.99 USD / month (billed annually)

189.99 USD / month (billed annually)



Globally load balanced content delivery network (CDN)
Basic Plus Premium


Automatic static content caching
Basic Plus Premium
Cache purge
BasicInstant PlusInstant PremiumInstant
Minimum edge cache expire TTL
Basic2 hours Plus1 hour Premium30 minutes
Client maximum upload size
Basic100 MB Plus100 MB Premium200 MB
Railgun™ origin network optimizer
Basic Plus Premium
Custom Cache Keys
Basic Plus PremiumBypass Cache on Cookie only


Asynchronous Javascript Loading Rocket Loader™
Basic Plus Premium
Image optimization with Polish™
Basic Plus Premium
Mobile optimization with Mirage™
Basic Plus Premium
Image manipulation with Image Resizing
Basic Plus PremiumUp to 100K images served per month included.

Up-to-date Protocols

IPv6 compatibility and gateway
Basic Plus Premium
Basic Plus Premium
Basic Plus Premium


Page rules
Basic Plus20 Premium50
Basic Plus Premium

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

Accelerated Mobile Links
Basic Plus Premium


DDoS Protection

Unmetered mitigation of volumetric DDoS
Basic Plus Premium
Advanced DDoS support
Basic Plus Premium24/7/365 uptime


Universal SSL/TLS 1.2 & 1.3 Encryption
Basic Plus Premium
Certificate type
BasicCloudflare-issued PlusCloudflare-issued PremiumCloudflare-issued or custom
Opportunistic Encryption
Basic Plus Premium
Automatic HTTPS Rewrites
Basic Plus Premium
TLS Optimization
Basic Plus Premium
Activation time
BasicUp to 24 hours PlusInstant PremiumInstant
Browser support
BasicMost modern browsers PlusAll browsers PremiumAll browsers

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Web application firewall (WAF)
Basic Plus Premium
Cloudflare WAF Managed Ruleset
Basic Plus Premium
OWASP ModSecurity Core Rule Set
Basic Plus Premium
Custom WAF rules
Basic Plus PremiumUp to 25

Firewall Rules

Number of rules
Basic Plus20 Premium100
Regular Expressions (regex)
Basic Plus Premium

Threat Blocking & Privacy

Deploy collective intelligence to identify new threats
Basic Plus Premium
Reputation-based threat protection
Basic Plus Premium
Comment spam protection
Basic Plus Premium
Content scraping protection
Basic Plus Premium
Block or Challenge Visitors
BasicBlock or challenge by IP address or AS number. Challenge by country code. PlusBlock or challenge by IP address or AS number. Challenge by country code. PremiumBlock or challenge by IP address or AS number. Challenge by country code.
User Agent Blocking
Basic Plus50 Premium250
Zone Lockdown
Basic Plus3 Premium10

Access Control

Multi-User Access
Basic Plus Premium
Single Sign On support
Basic Plus Premium


PCI DSS 3.2 Compliance
Basic Plus Premium



Basic Plus Premium
Global Anycast DNS
Basic Plus Premium
Easy DNS management
Basic Plus Premium
Wildcard DNS support
Basic Plus Premium
Client interface API
Basic Plus Premium
Custom Nameservers
Basic Plus Premium


Always Online™
BasicCrawled weekly PlusCrawled every 3 days PremiumCrawled daily



Time Range
Basic Plus15 Minute Scope Premium15 Minute Scope
Bandwidth Saved
Basic Plus Premium
Threats Mitigated & Sources
Basic Plus Premium
Website Requests
Basic Plus Premium
Operational Metrics
Basic Plus Premium
Audit Logs
Basic Plus Premium

DNS Analytics

Historical Data
Basic PlusUp to 24 hours PremiumUp to 7 days
Dimension Filter
Basic PlusResponse Code, Data Center PremiumResponse Code, Data Center, Query Type, Day of Week
Metric Filter
Basic PlusQuery Count, Response Time Average PremiumQuery Count, Response Time Average, Response Time Median, Response Time (90th & 99th Percentile)
Geographic Visualization
Basic Plus Premium


Technical Support
Basic101domain support available Monday - Friday 5am to 7pm PT (San Diego) PlusCloudflare email only 24/7/365 support with median response time of 2 hours. Cloudflare support login
101domain support available Monday - Friday 5am to 7pm PT (San Diego).
PremiumCloudflare chat and email 24/7/365 support with a median response time of 15 minutes. Cloudflare support login
101domain support available Monday - Friday 5am to 7pm PT (San Diego).
Service Level Agreement
Basic Plus Premium100%

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