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Speed up your web site, only on our Anycast 101domain DNS network.

With our innovative Anycast DNS network, we provide reliable DNS services many providers can only claim to. Whether you are a small, medium, or large business, you will benefit from our extensive global network of servers, bandwidth providers, and constant service monitoring. Not only do we offer a robust, stable, and secure platform, we offer reassurance. With our 99.999% SLA, your domains will resolve every time.

Premium DNS - How your DNS Network Can Benefit

Through our worldwide DNS Anycast, 101domain has implemented a network technology called IP anycast which allows us to keep the same network hosted from many different geographically distributed locations while still servicing the same IP space. Basically, this network technology is a network addressing and routing methodology in which datagram's from a single sender are routed to the topologically nearest node in a group of potential receivers all identified by the same destination address.

In usual circumstances, there is a correlation between network topology and physical geography, that is, a user in Rome might find and use a node in London or Frankfurt while a user in Mexico might find themselves directed to a node in California. With IP anycast, we can have the network 8.20.241.x hosted by servers in England, Spain, Germany, Chicago, Brazil, India, Dallas and Seattle all at the same time while distributing load and mitigating DDOS attacks. For all intents and purposes, the same server exists in dozens or hundreds of places simultaneously. When an Internet user looks up your domain name, they find the Anycast instance topologically closest to themselves. Since we are deploying to more networks, we will cover more backbones and shorten the performance metric.

Premium DNS - Why Your DNS Network Should Use It

Check out our four reasons what anycast DNS from 101domain can do for your web site. Then see the difference by signing up for your account!

SECURE. Security by 101domain Anycast DNS
Anycast allows any operator whose routing information is accepted by an intermediate router to hijack any packets intended for the Anycast address. While this at first sight appears insecure, it is no different from the routing of ordinary IP packets, and no more or less secure. As with conventional IP routing, careful filtering of who is and is not allowed to propagate route announcements is crucial to prevent man-in-the-middle or blackhole attacks.

RELIABLE. Reliability by 101domain Worldwide DNS
Anycast is normally highly reliable, as it can provide automatic failover. Anycast applications typically feature external "heartbeat" monitoring of the server's function, and can withdraw the route announcement if the server fails. "Heartbeat" functionality is important because if the announcement continues for a failed server, the server will act as a "black hole" for nearby clients. Even in this event, this kind of failure will only cause a total failure for clients that are closer to this server than any other, and will not cause a global failure.

SIMPLE. Anycast Fail-Over Mechanism
Anycast is simply layer-3 routing. A resolver’s query will be routed to the topologically nearest instance of the anycast server visible in the routing table. Anycast servers govern their own visibility. Latency depends upon the delays imposed by that topologically short path.

The 101domain daemon was developed in-house and uses a proprietary database for optimal reading, caching and performance compared to conventional technologies. Using this technology 101domain can drill down records to a more granular geographic record than any other DNS technology in known existence, offering the most precise DNS lookups available.

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