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The word " moe " is a buzzword for a subculture of otaku ( most closely related English term: " geek " ) in Japan in the 90's. Moe is often used to describe a feeling of excitement towards some object or character, mainly in animation, manga ( Japanese comic books ), and video games. It has often been used to mean a particular type of " adorable " or " cute " towards fictional characters and was originally used in relation to a type of fascination with fantasy.

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Moe is a word that is widely used in Japanese video game, anime, and manga culture. Moe primarily refers to things that are cute, and this usage is primarily what the .MOE extension is aimed at. However, cuteness can be subjective, and there are almost as many nuanced meanings of the word moe as there are people who use it. This versatility gives the .MOE extension wide appeal across all kinds of websites.

As moe is pop culture terminology, the most obvious home for a .MOE domain name is websites dedicated to specific forms of pop culture. Any website owner that wants to more easily connect with fans of their site’s subject matter can make good use of a .MOE domain name. It is especially good for attracting users from Japan, as the term is more widely used there. However, the term is also known by fans of Japanese culture worldwide, making it extremely useful for sites that are targeting a different demographic as well.

When you register a .MOE domain, the Internet users that you are trying to attract will instantly know what kind of content your site will offer them, allowing you to capture more of the traffic that you want. Backed up with our industry leading knowledge and experience, a .MOE domain is a great way to present your site on the Internet in a way that is memorable and meaningful to your targeted demographic. Don’t wait, get your .MOE domain today and give your website the great domain name you need to be successful!

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