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What is a .mls domain?

Sure, you can, as you've been doing, promote your real estate business through your broker's web site. Or you can sponsor your own, on the new top-level domain name .mls. Draw up a contract!

FAQs for .mls

.mls General FAQ
Multiple listing services (MLS) in defined as a marketing database with the purpose to provide accurate and structured data about properties for sale. It is organized for and used by real estate professionals. The MLS Domains association is looking to create an exclusive trusted address for MLS's on the internet with .mls. The .mls will provide universal consumer recognition and can be used by brokers and others MLS members. Currently the terms 'multiple listing service' and 'MLS' are not registered trademarks that only MLSs can use which means that anyone in the online world can use MLS in a domain name which has cause consumer confusion. The MLS Domain Association is looking to take back the name by creating .mls which would be restricted to legitimate multiple listing services only.
Why are there new gTLD's? .mls new gTLD domain names?
The internet has revolutionized the modern world, connecting more than 2.4 billion internet users for commercial, social, cultural, and educational purposes. Vying for domain name space in this virtual real estate market has become increasingly difficult at a cost-effective level for new businesses, entrepreneurs, and even individuals. To break out from the limited space provided by current gTLD extensions, ICANN has begun the process of releasing over 1,000 new extensions. By adding to the internet’s list of extensions, ICANN intends not only to allow more domain names, but create a safer, more efficient internet that has instant significance of a website’s content in regards to its extension. The .mls clearly shows what the website will contain, and therefore saves time and helps streamline the internet user’s experiences online. Get your .mls domain today!
When will .mls be available ?
ICANNs New gTLD program is well under way and as the program continues to progress New gTLDs will be released at a consistent pace. As 101domain gets more information on New gTLD releases, we will be updating release dates on a per-extension basis. Look for many more new and exciting domain names becoming available in the near future!
Why should I pre-register new top-level domain .mls now?
Pre-registering a .mls domain will allow us to submit your domain for registration as soon as it becomes possible to do so. This is the best way to secure your chance of owning a new gTLD domain. By pre-registering you will not have to worry about missing any deadlines and because pre-registration is free, you have nothing to lose. Also submitting a free pre-registration allows to update you on pricing, policies and deadlines. Unfortunately, cannot guarantee that we can successfully register a .mls pre-registered domain.
Does it cost anything to pre-register .mls?
The .mls pre-registration process is completely free. You will only be required to provide a valid email address and your other contact details. Only when the gTLD is open for registration and you wish to register the domain name will you be required to provide a credit card and payment.

We may send you an email regarding your .mls free pre-registration to confirm you request. If this email is not deliverable, your account will be closed and your free pre-registration will be deleted.

Am I obligated to register a .mls domain I pre-registered?
No. .mls Pre-registrations are non-binding and free. Once we receive information regarding the domain policy and we know the price, you will be asked to confirm your pre-registration, which would allow you to change your non-binding pre-registration into a binding General Availability Pre-Order.
Are there any limitations on .mls free pre-registrations? has set a limit of 500 .mls free pre-registrations per user. This limit is intended to allow equal opportunity to our customers and prevent domain name warehousing. Any .mls free pre-registrations that exceed this amount or create multiple accounts will be deleted.
Is authorized to accept .mls free pre-registrations?
Yes, is authorized to accept .mls free pre-registrations.
.mls How much will the yearly registration fee be?
Pricing information for the new gTLDs .mls is not yet available. Any users with free pre-registrations will be notified by email once this information is available.
What will the gTLD launch sequence be for .mls

When the a gTLD .mls is approved, ICANN will set forth rules and guidelines as well as a launch sequence which dictates who can register a new gTLD .mls, when and under what conditions. The expected launch sequence will be:

  • Trademark Sunrise .mls – is a special period that provides current brand and trademarks owners the opportunity to secure their trademarks under the new top level domain. The fee for registration during this period is usually higher as trademarks will need to be verified and cleared.
  • Landrush – a short registration period for entities and individuals who do not own a trademark in the name they wish to register. It is intended for highly sought-after generic .mls domains and are usually priced significantly higher than registering during general availability. If more than one landrush application is received for the same .mls domain, the .mls domain will usually go to auction in which the applicants will have the chance to bid for the domain.
  • General Availability – This phase is open to the general public and is a first-come, first served launch. When a .mls domain is registered, it is officially reserved and registered in real time.
  • Premium or Reserved Names – A registry can and will withhold .mls domains names from open registrations that are considered premium domains, which are names that are highly desired or unique. These .mls domains with this premium status will eventually be auctioned to the highest bidder.