Geo-Aware Premium DNS Location

Your website's audience potential is global. Be smart about it with geo-enabled DNS.

Having your website geo-aware through our Anycast DNS Services, you can expect to:

  • improve response time
  • have better control over traffic (real time reporting, change management and alerting)
  • better utilize internal datacenters and their infrastructure
  • shield users from any troubles at the origin infrastructure

Content Customization

DNS is an effective tool for managing visitor traffic to your website, speeding the delivery of your site and providing a personalized experience for users from different geographic regions.

All from 1 URL

Geo-targeting lets you serve different content to different visitors who are all accessing the same URL! Automatically detect that a visitor is coming from America and display pricing information in USD, or Euros for European traffic. Get as granular as you want.

Plug In Local Content

Being able to convert international users into buyers or repeat visitors can make a big difference, and by splitting your traffic people visiting your site are more likely to find what they came for.

Instantly Geo-Aware

Geo-target visitors by their native language and offer translated versions of your website to those audiences. The marketing possibilities from localization are endless. Simply create your custom pages and set your traffic rules.

Choose Country

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