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.gay is one of the new proposed generic top-level domains ( gTLD ). The gay community sometimes referred to as the LGBT ( lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender ) hopes to have their own space on the internet with the .gay domain. Expanding the Internet domain name space is a way to promote greater innovation and choice, and .gay can serve as a common platform for enhancing the resources, visibility and solidarity of the LGBT community.

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.Gay would exist as a so-called “Top-Level Domain” (TLD). Committed to a community mandate in developing the .GAY domain space, the mission of the .Gay TLD is to create an environment on the Internet that addresses important and primary needs of the gay community. .gay can serve as a common platform for enhancing the resources of the LGBT community.dotgay LLC has received the support of more than 190+ LGBT international organizations. The simple answer is that we need a word that encompasses the entire community, and “gay” makes the most sense. Like it or not, the word has become an umbrella term, a universally adopted colloquialism signifying a community as a whole. “Gay pride,” “gay marriage”, “gay rights,” “gay media,” “openly gay”: all of these terms speak to the fact that “gay” is a commonly accepted word infused with meaning and power. Similarly, the ubiquity of “gay” as an Internet search term affirms that it’s a word people use and understand.

The .GAY top-level domain. The goal of the .GAY vision of creating new, family-friendly online spaces under .GAY carries with it the goal of surpassing traditional social costs to establish the new TLDs within the minds of registrants and Internet users. In order to do so, we have developed registry policies that guarantee a reputable, trustworthy, and safe online space. .GAY second level domain names will be subject to malicious monitoring to maintain a clean online neighborhood. In addition, we will hold back any names deemed vulgar, set by a list that will be established by our company in our partnership with Neustar. In the end, .GAY TLDs will set the bar for high industry standards of a family-friendly space for amusing and fun content.

dotgay LLC is the originator of a landmark proposal to create a .GAY domain space on the Internet. Formed to garner support for a .GAY TLD and advance a mandate for delivering tangible financial and strategic benefits for the LGBT community. dotgay‘s proposal is based on 1) channeling 67% of the profits from the sale of .GAY domain names to nonprofit LGBT client organizations, and 2) safeguarding key community domains. .GAY domain names must be registered for a minimum of one year and a maximum of ten years. Register a GREAT Domain .GAY at a Reasonable Price.

A specialized .GAY domain name will help your success in the online arena. Behind the Domain Name .GAY are great sounding names, paired with proficient stewardship, are destined to become the leading gTLD alternatives on the Internet. That's why it is a good thing that .GAY is backed by 101domain. Our registrants will know they are getting much more than just a name: .GAY

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