We are currently accepting free Pre-Registration orders for .final domain.

You can sign up for a free Pre-Registration today, and we will notify you via email when .final becomes available for purchase. Simply search for your desired domain name, add to cart, and check out at no cost. It will show up in your domain panel under "Free Pre-Registrations".

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Final exams are a pain. Final markdowns usually aren't. Often, those markdowns are being posted online first –because that's the cheapest way to do it. If, from time to time, you offer final markdowns, a .final domain registration name could benefit you. Say it: The final markdowns will be on our website!

Frequently asked questions about .final.

Why should I pre-register new top-level domain .final now?
Pre-registering a .final domain will allow us to submit your domain for registration as soon as it becomes possible to do so. This is the best way to secure your chance of owning a new gTLD domain. By pre-registering you will not have to worry about missing any deadlines and because pre-registration is free, you have nothing to lose. Also submitting a free pre-registration allows 101domain.com to update you on pricing, policies and deadlines. Unfortunately, 101domain.com cannot guarantee that we can successfully register a .final pre-registered domain.
Does it cost anything to pre-register .final?
The .final pre-registration process is completely free. You will only be required to provide a valid email address and your other contact details. Only when the gTLD is open for registration and you wish to register the domain name will you be required to provide a credit card and payment.

We may send you an email regarding your .final free pre-registration to confirm you request. If this email is not deliverable, your account will be closed and your free pre-registration will be deleted.

Am I obligated to register a .final domain I pre-registered?
No. .final Pre-registrations are non-binding and free. Once we receive information regarding the domain policy and we know the price, you will be asked to confirm your pre-registration, which would allow you to change your non-binding pre-registration into a binding General Availability Pre-Order.
How much will the .final yearly registration fee cost?
Pricing information for the new gTLDs .final is not yet available. Any users with free pre-registrations will be notified by email once this information is available.

Technical information for .final.

  • TLD .final
  • Type gTLD
  • Renewal Grace Period None. It must be renewed by it's expiration.
  • Redemption Period 30 days
  • Private Registration Not Available
  • Trustee/Proxy Service No
  • Individuals can register Yes
  • Businesses can register Yes
  • Information updated 2022-11-02

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101domain is an international domain registration service with the largest selection of global domain names across a variety of subjects. A .final domain is just one of the many TLDs we can find, register, and manage for you and your business.