Premium DNS Features

Demand nothing less than the latest, most powerful administrative features from your DNS provider.

For many sites, unexpected traffic spikes can present problems, especially in the absence of load distributions. Be equipped to handle the challenges of your site's success by using our distributed DNS cloud to remain online during periods of heavy stress.

Your site can also remain hardened against vulnerabilities found in typical BIND DNS servers. Don't put your site at risk to DNS exploitations that can affect uptime and accessibility, no matter how redundant and secure your hosting solution is.

The 101domain anycast DNS platform can administer and manage your network's scalability and defense through our advanced DNS control panel, interoperability, and leading technology.

Host Management

Create the following record types for host names:

  • A (IPv4 address)
  • CNAME (alias)
  • TXT (text)
  • URL forwards
  • MX (mail)
  • Wildcard

Precision Records

Create unlimited targeted resource records. Regions can be assigned multiple responses or IP addresses, allowing you to distribute visitor traffic between multiple servers.

Geo Groups

Create personalized geo groups, making it easy to combine cities, states, or countries that share common language, currency, or other demographics that match your business needs.

Reports & Charts

See where visitors to your domain names are located, and get a breakdown of where exactly your DNS usage is going.

Choose Country

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