Blockchain Domains

Blockchain TLDs may look like domain names, but they are no ordinary domain names. To resolve blockchain websites, users must use browser extensions like NextDNS or specific browsers like Firefox that are integrated with these extensions. Blockchain domains also have a few specific use cases.

The first and foremost use case for blockchain domains is sending secure payments instantaneously around the world. Blockchain domains make it as simple and as attaching your cryptocurrency wallet address to your domain name and sending users there to pay. Secondly, blockchain domains are decentralized. That means, there are no policies and regulations in place for what you can do with your domain name. Therefore, anyone can build a censorship-resistant website. Furthermore, blockchain domain names do not have traditional trademark protection mechanisms in place like traditional domain names. Whoever owns the key owns the name. No business or court order can take it from you.

With dozens of blockchain domains launching every year, you have the exciting opportunity to own your domain name in a new age of the Internet. Whether you are looking to protect your brand or break away from the traditional system, 101domain is a trusted provider for blockchain domain registration.

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