.au.com Domain
.au.com Domain

.au.com Domain Registration

.AU.COM domains are some of the most well-known country codes in the world; they are well-established and have proven to attract many people just because of the Australian label on the website. Register yours today.


This domain has been discontinued or is no longer assigned to the DNS Root.

.au.com Domain Description

Australia is one of the most well-known (and desirable) countries in the world. Whether people visit Australia for the Outback, the Opera House, or the kangaroos, there is something there for everybody. A lot of people visit Australia, which makes it an excellent market.

If you want to reach a targeted audience of Australians or want your brand to expand to the country of Australia, .AU.COM domains are the way to go. When you register your domain, the entire .AU.COM community will be able to see the nationalist pride you have and will be drawn to your website - after all, Aussies are very nationalistic people. .AU.COM domains should be used by a commercial business or organizations.

Register your .AU.COM domain name so that you can reach the Australian market, you will be glad you did.