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What does it mean to be registered in the WhoIs?

A searchable database maintained by registrars that contain information about networks, networking organizations, domain names, and the contacts associated with them for the .museum and ISO 3166 country code top-level domains. Also, the protocol, or set of rules, that describes the application used to access the database.

Each registrar implements the Whois protocol and maintains a separate and distinct Whois database for its respective .museum domain name registrations.

  • Sponsoring Organization

    Museum Domain Management Association
    International Council of Museums
    22 rue de Palestro
    75002 Paris
    Not available
  • Administrative Contact

    Manager of Information System Projects
    Museum Domain Management Association
    International Council of Museums
    22 rue de Palestro
    75002 Paris
    Email: [email protected]
    Voice: +33 1 4734 0500
    Fax: +33 1 4306 7862
    Not available
  • Technical Contact

    MUSEUM TLD Technical Contact
    CORE Internet Council of Registrars
    World Trade Center II
    29 route de Pre-Bois
    Geneva 1215
    Email: [email protected]
    Voice: +41229295744
    Fax: +41229295745
    Not available

Sub Domains

Not available

Name Servers

Host NameIP Address(es)
Not available

Domain Information

IANA is responsible for the operation and maintenance of a number of key aspects of the DNS, including the root zone, and the .intand .arpa domains.

The DNS Root Zone IANA is the global coordinator of the DNS root. The root is the upper-most part of the DNS hierarchy, and involves delegating administrative responsibility of top-level domains, which are the last segment of a domain name, such as .museum. Part of this task includes evaluating requests to change the operators of country code domains, as well as day-to-day maintenance of the details of the existing operators.

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Example Whois Information
Public information without Private Registration

Your Company Name
Your Name
123 Your Address
Your City, CA 92101
United States
(213) 555-1234
[email protected]

Public information with Private Registration

Digital Privacy Corporation
3220 Executive Ridge Drive, Suite 101
C/O yourdomain.com
Vista, CA 92081
United States
(760) 448-2392
[email protected]