Once your trademark is evaluated after purchasing this service by our Trademark Analysts, it is entered into our system for monitoring. With tailored matching to allow for the widest and most accurate coverage to the U.S. Federal Trademark register, our system will automatically alert you with watch notices if an identical or similarly confusing trademark application is found. These notices are emailed directly to you, and are available in your Brand Monitoring Console.

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Bottom line, stay informed with early alerts regarding potentially conflicting trademark applications in the United States so you can organize and monitor oppositions and potential oppositions you plan to file.

  • 24/7 monitoring of United States trademark and service mark applications that were recently filed with the USPTO
  • Monitoring of the use of your brand or trademarked name in many U.S. States that may infringe on your intellectual property rights
  • Full and critical information included in each trademark watch notice including: applicant information, publication dates, class(es) applied for, and deadlines for opposition to give you the information needed to enforce your rights
  • Clippings of the mark identified are included with every trademark watch notice
  • Robust Brand Manager Console you can use to store, organize, and notate all of your watch notices