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The dust from the New gTLD Program has settled, and with the struggles of the program's awareness and tepid response, many trademarked terms are exposed in the expanded Internet ecosystem. For a selection of domains, TMCH created TREx as a cost-effective solution for trademark holders to protect their intellectual property.

List of Domains covered by TREx

  • .bayern
  • .beer
  • .boston
  • .capetown
  • .casa
  • .cat
  • .cologne
  • .college
  • .cooking
  • .de
  • .durban
  • .earth
  • .eus
  • .fashion
  • .fishing
  • .fit
  • .frl
  • .gal
  • .garden
  • .horse
  • .joberg
  • .koeln
  • .la
  • .london
  • .miami
  • .moe
  • .nrw
  • .osaka
  • .quebec
  • .rent
  • .rodeo
  • .ruhr
  • .scot
  • .surf
  • .tirol
  • .tube
  • .vip
  • .vodka
  • .wedding
  • .wien
  • .work
  • .xyz
  • .yoga

What is the Value of the DPML Program to the Trademark Owner?

  • Single product for protection across 43 TLD's
  • Natural add-on to other protective mark lists such as DPML
  • Low protection cost per TLD versus registration or UDRP
  • One time activation, annual renewal
  • Estimation of protection coverage before registration
  • Easy, low-cost conversion of a domain name to active usage

Designed to limit the exposure of any trademarked name that is still generally available.

Similar to the DPML blocking mechanism, the service is only applicable for sunrise eligible TMCH trademark records. The good news is coverage will grow as additional TLD's are added each year. Further these will not be limited to new gTLDs, but also include ccTLDs and legacy TLDs.

Coverage only extends to names not registered prior to the service activation, and names that are premium-priced or reserved for registration at the registry level are exempted. The service will inform you of the applicable coverage before opting in.


The Trademark Registry Exchange ('TREx') is a new service developed by the Trademark Clearinghouse, which provides trademark holders with an additional protection layer for unregistered domain names, matching their mark, across a multitude of TLDs, by restricting the registration of these domain names in the general availability phase.

The TREx Service covers a bundle of TLDs as a package and cannot be divided.

No. If we are not currently your TMCH Agent, you can easily transfer your trademark record to us for a nominal fee and then we can then provide the TREx Subscription.

Upon subscription, the TREx service is activated for one year. The TMCH trademark record needs to be valid during the entire TREx subscription. If the mark record expires before the end of that year, the TREx protection will be cancelled.

The renewal cost of a TREx subscription is similar to the activation costs of the service. However, if during the year the price of the coverage has increased, at the moment of renewal, the price for the increased coverage will apply.

The TREx subscription is active for one year and renewable each year for an additional year.

The TREx service is priced per label.

Domains Protected Marks List ('DPML') and Trademark Registry Exchange ('TREx') services are both defensive mechanisms to help you to protect your trademarks in the new gTLD universe. By opting into these services, trademark holders prevent cybersquatting by 'blocking' domain names matching their trademarked names from being registered at the second level across a number of TLDs.

Both services are cost-effective solutions, but are not referring to the same bundle of TLDs:

  • DMPL: this service is available for the TLDs managed by the registry operator Donuts Inc.
  • TREx: this service covers additional TLDs and will increase coverage on an ongoing basis.

Note that in order to opt in for both services, the trademarked name must first be verified by the TMCH and have a valid SMD file.

For more details on DMPL, we kindly refer you to

For more details on TREx, we kindly refer you to

The TREx Service is only applicable for sunrise eligible TMCH trademark records, which have a validity period of at least one month. Currently the service is only available for Trademark Agents and pre-paid Trademark Holders.

An override is the process to convert a TREx protected Label to a standard domain name registration. This process is only eligible for verified rights holders.

The TMCH does not charge any fee for the override. However, some fees might apply to cover the registration period for the matching TLD.

After the activation of the TREx protection on a specific label, you will be able to see if the related domain names are 'protected' or 'not protected'.

When 'protected', TREx protection is active on the related domain name.

When 'not protected', TREx protection is not active on the related domain name. Multiple reasons can justify this situation and are highlighted in the 'Comment' column.

  • 'Registered': this domain name was already registered prior to the TREx protection.
  • 'Exempt': this domain name is exempt from the TREx protection as the Registry has other echanisms in place to restrict this from general registration (e.g. premium pricing, rights verification...).
  • 'Override': this domain name was released from the TREx protection through an override procedure.
  • 'Other': other causes which impact the TREx protection.

Prior to the activation of the TREx protection on a specific label, you will be able to see if the related labels are ‘eligible’ or not for TREx. This status will be displayed with the list of domain names on the ‘TREx details’ page.

In case the status is 'eligible', it means that, based on the data at hand, the label is eligible for TREx protection.

In case the status is 'unavailable', it means that, based on the data at hand, the label is not available for TREx protection for either of two reasons:

  • The domain name has been already registered.
  • The label is on the exempt list of the related TLD.

No, variations are not protected under the TREx services.

Every entity or person that has valid and verifiable rights to a specific name, can apply for an override.

Such rights holders could be:

  • Verified trademark holders in the TMCH
  • Local rights holders of specific interest to specific geo-TLDs

Prior to the activation of the TREx protection, 101domain as your TMCH Agent can provide you a list of domains names and the coverage will be displayed for each label. Upon request only.

The TMCH in ongoing conversations with Registry Operators for adding more TLDs to the TREx bundle. However, this will happen in a structured and timely manner. Only one upgrade per calendar year is foreseen and will be communicated with a minimum of 3 months in advance. The process for upgrading will be shared at that moment.

Currently all participating TLD’s have closed their claims period. For names that are protected in TLD’s participating in the registration track Ongoing Notifications might be sent out.

With the new release of the Trademark Registry Exchange ('TREx') service, the TMCH has integrated the different TLDs of Minds + Machines. As a consequence, MPML will no longer be offered as a standalone product. Reach out to your account manager to discuss the specifics of transitioning an MPML name to TREx.