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As an authorized SEDO MLS Premium Partner, 101domain can now be your registrar to buy and sell your domains in a globally networked market.

What does this mean for you?

  • You can now buy and sell your domains with 101domain as your registrar!
  • You can now activate Sedo MLS Premium on your domains with 101domain to get even more exposure on your domain names and better sales!
  • Easy integrated process to buy and sell

Sedo offers over 40,000 sales each year, and 101domain adds a great choice for customers wishing to buy and sell domains in the international market.

101domain offers automated transfers on com, net, info, org, biz, mobi, pro, me, ch, li, co. Look for new extensions supporting automated transfers coming soon!

Every domain listed with Sedo reaches buyers globally via the Sedo MLS Promotion Network.

How to Buy a Domain listed with Sedo

We make it easy for you to buy premium domains! Search for the domain you want using the form above and you’ll be directed to a list of suggested premium domains for sale. Just buy the domain like you would any other domain, and transfer into your 101domain account happens automatically. You no longer have to wait long periods of time to start using your domain name!

How to Sell a Domain at Sedo

Create a SEDO account or login at Click on the "Sell Domains" Tab


Add the domains names desired to sell

Add domains to sell at SEDO

Set the "Buy Now" Prices

Use Either:

  1. SEDO’s suggested Price which is calculated using Sedo proprietary “Big Data Pricer� which uses domain performance metrics to calculate a suggested price
  2. Your own desired price

Set Currency

Price Option

  1. Buy Now – Allows buyers to purchase domains without the hassle of negotiations (Recommended setting)
  2. Make Offer – Allows buyers to make you an offer on a domain name.
Set the domain buy price

Select 101domain as the Registrar in the drop down list

Click "Finish Adding Domains"

Select 101domain as the registrar

To confirm you are the owner of the domain:

You will receive an email from 101domain to confirm the SEDO Domain Listing.

You MUST agree to 101domain Domain Name Transfer Agreement in order to complete the listing with SEDO

To fully benefit from Promotion Channels here are some tips from SEDO:

Tip 1: Price your domains right!
Fixed, Buy Now prices come with exclusive promotional opportunities. Use the Sedo Big Data Pricer help you find the right price.

Tip 2: Activate SedoMLS Premium for your domains with 101domain!
You are eligible to activate SEDO MLS Premium on any domains with 101domain. Sell more domains, reach potential buyers internationally, and be eligible for instant transfers.

Tip 3: Park your domains!
Domains parked with Sedo help you earn money, while offering your domains for sale on all parked pages.