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50,000 queries
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Fulfill .INSURANCE requirements

As allowed by the registry, this starter package will let you to forward your .INSURANCE domain name to your main website. This way you can start testing email and other web services, or begin some very light usage of your domain name.

Commercial Grade DNS starting at $300

If you need a more robust package, or are exceeding your query limit, we can help you expand into a commercial plan that will scale to your needs. There are also basic security requirements such as SSL Forwarding that we can assist you with. Please contact us so we can help you make the most of your .INSURANCE domain name!

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Money Domains .insurance

Since 2015, .INSURANCE's mission is to become a trusted, verified, more secure and easily-identifiable space on the Internet for the global insurance community. Towards this, fTLD Registry Services, LLC, the operator of .INSURANCE, has created a number of security requirements governing the .INSURANCE space around eligibility and security safeguards.


Only verified members of the global insurance community are eligible to register .INSURANCE domains. As you know, the "community" is strictly defined and the name selection rules are equally restrictive. Your domain name must correspond to a trademark, trade name, or service mark of your insurance organization in bona fide use for the offering of goods or services, or provision of information, in the jurisdiction where you are licensed, approved or certified to conduct business and not be deceiving or detrimental to the community or its insurance customers.


Website and transactional security is a high priority requirement for the .INSURANCE name space. Fortunately, we have a solution to fTLD's Security Requirements (external PDF) to help ensure your site and domain name integrity and security.

Questions that are frequently asked

How are my DNS configured for my .INSURANCE domain?

2 DNS servers are created, NS11 and N12, as child name servers on an Anycast DNS cloud for redundancy and performance. We will set this up for you if the domain is registered through our services. You will need to provide us the A record or URL to where your domain will be pointed.

Where can I forward my .INSURANCE domain name to?

You may forward your .INSURANCE domain to your main website as long as it’s under HTTPS through the use of a valid SSL.

Can I use email with my .INSURANCE domain name?

By default we set a non-sender DMARC record on your zone. This is fine for domains which don’t intend to send out emails. If you plan on sending emails, the registry requires you publish a DMARC record as well as either SPF or DKIM. You will need to contact your email provider or system administrator for guidance on setting this up. Once you have the appropriate records they can be added to your zone.

What steps do I need to take to build a website on my .INSURANCE domain name?

Per the registry requirements, you will need to secure your .INSURANCE with an SSL certificate and make sure your guests are directed to HTTPS://. Contact us to find out your options.

How much traffic (queries) does the Secure DNS service support and what are the costs for overages?

50,000 queries are included with our .INSURANCE DNS Service. This allows you enough queries to launch your .INSURANCE website. When your .INSURANCE site gains tractions, our service offers a path to grow with your site.