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Beginning as far back as 1985, countries were assigned dedicated domain extensions known as country code Top Level Domains, or CCTLDs. These ccTLDs identify the country on the internet and are prominent throughout the web. They are managed and assigned by IANA and each ccTLD will usually have many second or third level domains.

The second level domains that are most common will pertain to things like a nation’s military or government institutions, or reflect commerce, educational institutions, organizations, or information technology. Third level domains are more variable, but are commonly relative to geographic regions.

Many of these ccTLDs are also available as Internationalized Domain Names, which are ccTLDs that use non-Latin characters, so for the first time ever, you can have your domain name in your nation’s native alphabet and language. This is a huge step forward, and leads the industry in these registrations.

All available ccTLD names and any associated second or third level domains are grouped together here for you on the left, and listed by the ccTLD extension in alphabetical order. Once you have located the ccTLD of the country you are searching for, you will be able to view all available second and third level domains.

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