Website Change Watch

What do you do when one of your domain name monitoring or trademark monitoring services trigger an alert of suspicious or unauthorized use of your brand name?

Not every domain watch alert or internet content watch notice requires immediately attention or is an immediate threat to your brand name. The domain may just be parked or forwarded so does not require immediate action.

Order our Website Change Watch Service and submit the suspicious website to us and we’ll watch the website for you. We’ll monitor the website for changes and let you know what changes and when. No longer worry about monitoring suspicious websites owned by cybersquatters or competitors, our service will do the work for you.


  • Receive instant alerts directly to your inbox when a webpage content changes.
  • Keep an archived history in your 101domain Control Panel to access website changes and change dates
  • Add up to 10 websites to watch per order
  • Purchase as many blocks of 10 websites to watch as you would like

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What's included?

  • 24/7 monitoring of Websites you tell us to watch
  • Purchase in blocks of 10 websites you specify per year
  • Full watch alerts when a website changes, including URL, before and after content, and website owner information
  • Robust Brand Manager Console you can use to store, organize, and notate all of your watch notices.

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