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Uni EPS+

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Uniregistry is setting the new standard in domain name blocking with their Uni EPS service. Having the advantage of seeing where other rights protection mechanisms fell short, Uniregistry built their service on their next generation platform. Uni EPS will allow brand owners to block terms they have registered in the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) throughout the Uniregistry Top Level Domain portfolio. The initial offering includes all 10 Uniregistry TLDs with plan to incorporate additional TLDs in the future:

List of Domains covered by Uni EPS

  • .click
  • .country
  • .gift
  • .help
  • .hiphop
  • .hiv
  • .juegos
  • .link
  • .sexy
  • .tattoo

Core features of the Uni EPS

  • Main label block across 10 gTLDs
  • Premium domain blocking can save over $5000 in registry fees
  • Unlimited blocking of domains provided at no additional cost
  • Automatically track and block domains as they become available
  • Considerable savings when compared to defensively registering trademark terms

Get further protection with Uni EPS+

Comprehensive protection through unlimited blocking of all additional labels generated by the TMCH and included in the Signed Mark Data (SMD) file. You will no longer need to choose between which labels you want to protect!

In addition to provide blocking in all internationalized domain name (IDN) variants, Uni EPS+ also blocks the use of homoglyph characters in domain registrations commonly used by phishers aiming to confuse users with lookalike domain names. Combat this threat to your brand now and into the future with Uniregistry's powerfer Uni EPS+.


There are TLDs that use the Uniregistry platform that are excluded from the initial product launch. They are dotCAR, dotCARS and dotAUTO. The Caymans Islands ccTLD dotKY is also not part of the service.

Yes, the service is expected to grow over time and new TLDs will be added when they become part of the Uni EPS.

When a TLD is added to the service available domains that match the service type are blocked automatically. If the cost price for the service does increase it will be charged at the time of renewal or for new blocks registered.

Uniregistry will block every available domain irrespective of price point.

No, domains that are currently registered will remain so until they either expire or are deleted.

The service operates on the Uniregistry platform and when a domain that is requested to be blocked becomes available again it will be blocked as part of the service once the redemption period has ended.

The domains may remain active or your customer my elect to expire them. Once the domain deletes it will automatically become part of the Uni EPS.

Only holders of a matching trademark with a valid SMD file issued by the TMCH may register a domain blocked by the service.

The registrant of the Uni EPS will receive a notification that a domain has been unblocked for use.

Users should log into the Uniregistry console and retrieve the specific domain authcode that can be used to submit a transfer order through the Uniregistry EPP system. The domain will then be placed in the requesting registrars account.

Once the registrant has been provided with the authcode they are free to choose which registrar manages the domain.

Uniregistry will not charge to unblock a domain. Once the authcode is used the TLD specific standard transfer fee will apply.

No, once a domain has been blocked using Uni EPS it is considered a standard domain if the registrant wishes to use it eliminating premium fees.

Uniregistry has built the variants generation software on Unicode Consortium standards. This means that the service not only blocks characters available to register today but also any future language character set that becomes available in the TLDs in the future.

Yes, the service will block other known means of confusing users such as replacing an L with a 1 and an E with a 3. This is the most complete coverage available.

The variant calculations can sometimes run into the 1000’s for this reason Uniregistry provide a sample set of the coverage to the user as a means of reference.

The product is offered in 1, 3, 5 and 10 year registration periods.

Renewals mirror the registration periods with 1, 3, 5 and 10 year renewal periods available. The maximum period a Uni EPS can have at any one time is 10 years

Yes, registrants may transfer Uni EPS between registrars. The transfer requests adds 1 year to the life of the product and is charged to the gaining registrar.

Uniregistry will check the validity of the SMD file at the time of registration. The registrar is responsible for ensuring it remains valid.