Minds + Machines MPML Defensive Registration

Protect your validated mark by blocking the mark from Registration at the second level across Minds + Machines top-level domains.

1,295.00 USD / for 5 Years
2,295.00 USD / for 10 Years

The protection of your brand will apply to ALL TLDs in the Minds + Machines registry for 5 years, indicated by the ".mm.dpml" extension.

Request for MPML Override

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Minds + Machines Registry developed their own Protected Marks List mechanism for rights protection of trademark holders called MPML. Now trademark holders can block registration of their validated trademark(s) without defensively purchasing domains on every Minds + Machines gTLD.

For brands that are registered with the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH), a trademark (TM) holder can use MPML to protect their brand across all current and future Minds + Machines gTLDs. MPML registration applies to an exact trademark match, or a variation on a trademark.

All brands that have eligible trademarks and a valid SMD may purchase a MPML subscription. Customers or agents must use the SMD during the registration process to block that specific term across all Minds + Machines gTLDs.

Benefits using MPML

  • TM and TM keywords or variations can be protected across all Minds + Machines gTLDs (current and future).
  • MPML provides flexibility so TM holders can register domains during or post Sunrise using the Minds + Machines Override feature.
  • MPML helps protect your intellectual property by avoiding costly defensive domain buying.
  • It's simple to purchase MPML from our website or through an account rep. All you need is the validated SMD file.

How to buy a MPML Subscription?

Each MPML subscription applies across all TLDs operated by Minds + Machines and cannot be applied to a subset of their TLDs. The earlier a MPML subscription is purchased, the more useful it is. Because a MPML subscription does not block registrations made prior to that subscription, we recommend customers utilize MPML before the launch of the Minds + Machines TLD.

step 1

Register your mark.

You can use our Trademark Clearinghouse to register your mark. The mark must be registered according to the "use" standard, which is the same standard for registration during the Sunrise period.

step 2

Search your term.

Use the search above with your term's string. The string will be assigned a .mm.dpml extension.

step 3

Submit your term.

Follow our checkout. Once it is accepted, that term is blocked from registration for all Minds + Machines TLDs.

Uncontested Domains

Currently, the following domains are covered by the MPML.

  • .beer
  • .casa
  • .cooking
  • .country
  • .fashion
  • .fishing
  • .fit
  • .garden
  • .horse
  • .rodeo
  • .surf
  • .vodka
  • .wedding
  • .work
  • .yoga

Defensive Registration FAQ

What is the MPML and what is its purpose?

MPML stands for the Minds+Machines Protected Marks List. Brand owners can add their trademark-related terms into the MPML and have them blocked from registration at the second level in all Minds cpr144449003101 + Machines top-level domains (Minds + Machines TLDs). MPML protects trademark holders against cybersquatting at a fraction of what it would cost to defensively register the terms in Minds + Machines TLDs.

How does MPML work?

Brand owners must submit an exact match of their mark(s) to MPML, or a term that contains their exact match mark(s). Once a term is accepted to MPML, that term is blocked from registration in cpr144449003101 all Minds + Machines TLDs for five or ten years. A domain blocked by MPML is not functional, meaning it may not be used for a website URL, e-mail address or other type of domain-related functionality.

How does a Trademark holder buy a MPML?

The trademark holder must first register a mark with the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH). The mark must be cpr144449003101 registered according to the "use" standard, which is the same standard for registration during the Sunrise period.

Are there any exclusions?

Previously Registered Domains: A term will not be blocked in any TLD where that term is already registered as a domain. If a domain is initially excluded from MPML because it is already registered, a rights holder may still subscribe to MPML (and block the term in all other Minds + Machines TLDs). If the previously registered domain expires or is deleted, MPML protection will then automatically apply to that TLD.

Premium Domains: In Minds + Machines TLDs, most domains are priced as standard. However there are cpr144449003101 a limited number of higher-priced premium names. MPML blocks terms for both standard and premium names.

Other Sunrise Rights: Another trademark holder with Sunrise rights for a term may register that term as a domain name, even when a MPML subscription exists for it. This is known as an "override".

What is an override?

A MPML block on a specific domain may be overridden and the domain registered by any trademark owner with Sunrise rights to that domain. An override can be performed at any time and can be initiated by the owner of cpr144449003101 the MPML account, or by another trademark owner. The party performing an override must have an exact match, Sunrise-eligible trademark for the domain (i.e., the overriding party must have a valid Signed Mark Data, or SMD, file issued by the TMCH).

How much does an override cost?

We will charge a one-time fee of $120 USD in cpr144449003101 addition to the annual registration fee for each override processed.

Are there character limitations for a MPML?

One- and two-character MPML terms are not permitted. Three-character MPML terms cpr144449003101 are permitted but only as an exact match of the trademark.

Is there WHOIS output for MPML?

Yes, the WHOIS output identifies the MPML account holder for cpr144449003101 the domain and states that the domain is blocked from registration.

Do MPML account holders need be current in the TMCH?

Minds + Machines may elect to remove a MPML block for certain cpr144449003101 domains if the corresponding trademark is not kept current in the TMCH.

When should we put in an override and why?

An override can be done at any time, however we recommend doing the override during the Sunrise phase. There are 2 main purposes for doing an override:

  1. Domains that have a MPML block will not resolve on the public internet. Performing an override will essentially override your cpr144449003101 block and register the domain as a regular registration which will allow the name to be a live, resolving domain name.
  2. Performing an override is essentially a domain registration, once the override is done, an exact match trademark holder cannot perform an override over your domain registration. This protects you from another exact match trademark holder from performing an override and registering the name to themselves.
What if someone else has validation in the TMCH and they want my domain?

If someone else has an exact match trademark and valid SMD, they have cpr144449003101 the option to override your MPML block unless you have already performed the override.

If another TM holder overrides my block, will I get notification?

Currently this feature is not available. Minds + cpr144449003101 Machines may implement this in the near future.

Can someone override my override?

It is not possible to override an cpr144449003101 override, because that would be a domain registration.

Can I request an override online?

Overrides are a manual process that can usually be completed within 24 hours after cpr144449003101 payment. Please fill out the forms above and we will contact you to complete.