Internet Content Watch

Sit back and relax and let 101domain's Internet Content Watch Service protect and monitor the name you’ve worked hard to build!

Patented and robust internet monitoring technology crawls the internet 24 hours a day and 7 days a week in search of your brand name. We look through millions of websites around the world for every instance of your brand name in the body of website pages, in the meta data, and in the meta content which may not be visible to the everyday internet user.

We continuously search the internet so you don’t have to! Let 101domain be your partner for complete brand protection and peace of mind.


  • Monitor internet content around the world for unauthorized use of your brand mark
  • Receive instant alerts directly to your inbox when a match is found on the internet
  • Robust and patented technology searches millions and millions of webpage content, meta tag content, and meta data content for matches to your brand name and trademark
  • Protect against cybersquatters, unauthorized distributors, and competitors who can dilute and damage your brand and reputation

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What's included?

  • 24/7 monitoring of Internet Content around the world looking for your brand or trademark
  • Full watch alerts with detailed information on where your mark was found in meta data and website content.
  • Robust Brand Manager Console you can use to store, organize, and notate all of your watch notices.
  • Piece of mind knowing we’re watching and protecting the use of your trademark for you!

Note: Internet Content Watch searches, archives, and monitors content from static content websites around the world. Auction sites, social media, and dynamic content are not continuously monitored with this service.

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