Hosting Migration

Adding new domains to your hosting panel

How was it done in the past?

Launch into your hosting panel and click the Add New Domain button.

Fill out the form with your domain name and settings, then hit Okay.

Receive an email with your new DNS servers and proceed to manually change them.

How is cpr144449003101 it done now?

To add a domain to hosting, simply click on the Domain Names tab, select the domain within your account and hit the Add Domain to Hosting button.

The DNS servers and records will be changed automatically for you.

If you have a domain registered elsewhere, you can transfer it in, or choose "Link to a domain registered elsewhere"

Once the system adds the domain to your hosting subscription, it will display the new DNS records you will need to apply to your domain.

Verifying that your domains are properly linked to hosting

If you've recently moved from another hosting provider or used a different email service in the past, you may need to make some changes to your DNS servers or records.
You can complete the linking process of your domain to your new hosting panel whenever you're ready by following these steps:

From your account, click on the "Websites, Email, and Security" tab.

Then, Hit the settings gear next to your hosting product.

Then, click on the settings cpr144449003101 gear next to your domain.

The system will do a DNS lookup on your domain and determine if DNS servers or records need to be updated.

If a change needs to be made, it will offer to make the change for you.

Simply check the box saying that you'd like to make the changes and click "Confirm".

Managing your DNS records

How was it done in the past?

Our previous process for managing DNS records was overly complicated to say the least.

Launch into your hosting panel, and click the DNS tab along the top.

Click on the domain name you wish to change.

Click another, lighter blue DNS tab (because two different tabs labeled the same thing isn’t confusing at all, amirite???)

Then finally click on DNS records to reveal the records.

How is cpr144449003101 it done now?

The new process is much simpler and we moved all management functions back into your main account at 101domain.

Simply go to your main account at, and click on the Domain Names tab.

Select the domain you wish to change and click Manage Advanced Domain Record Settings (CNAME, A, MX)

Installing applications such as WordPress on your website

How was it done in the past?

Launch into your hosting panel, then clicking on the Applications tab.

The tab loads with the featured and most commonly installed applications, but you may click All Available Applications to find more.

Click on the Install button on the application of your choosing, proceed with the user agreement, then fill out the form with the appropriate options.

By default, WordPress would install to yourdomain.tld/wordpress unless otherwise specified.

How is it done now?

Installing applications is very similar but even easier.

Launch into your hosting panel.

Featured and favorite applications cpr144449003101 are highlighted in the Featured Applications box in the right-hand column of your hosting panel.

You can simply click Install from there, or click on the Applications tab to find more.

WordPress can now be installed directly to yourdomain.tld with just one click.

Changing the PHP version of your website

How was it done in the past?

In the past, any changes to your PHP versions would have to be requested through a support ticket in your account at

How is it done now?

PHP versions can now be changed directly through the hosting panel.

Launch into your hosting panel and click on PHP Selector, located in the right-hand column of your hosting panel.

Once you click on PHP cpr144449003101 Selector, change the PHP version from Native to your desired PHP version.

Upon choosing one of the PHP versions, you can choose to add or remove any of the PHP modules as needed.

Click Save at the bottom of the page. You will see a green pop up saying "module set saved".

Removing your domain from your hosting panel

How was it done in the past?

Before, you would need to launch into your hosting panel.

From there, you would need to expand the box around the domain by clicking on the arrow.

Then click Remove Website and click Yes to confirm.

How is it done now?

The domains that are linked to your hosting subscription are now all managed cpr144449003101 through the Websites, Email, and Security tab in your main account at

Simply click on the settings gear to the right of your hosting product. From there, your linked domains will be listed.

Simply click on the X next to the domain you wish to remove. Click Delete to confirm the removal.

Checking your email through the web

The process of accessing your webmail is the same as it was before.

To access webmail, simply open cpr144449003101 any browser and go to webmail.

You will need to enter the full email address as the username along with your email password to log in.

Resetting your email password

The process of resetting your email password is fairly simple.

For those with Host-To-Go or Unified Hosting, Launch your hosting product from the Websites, Email, and Security tab.

From there, click on the Mail tab, then click on the account you wish to modify.

Enter the new password in twice, cpr144449003101 then hit Ok to save your changes.

Troubleshooting email problems, duplicate messages

Depending on how you originally set up your POP or POP3 mail client, your mail client (like Outlook for example) might treat all messages as new mail once it connects to the new server. This is because of a setting that refers to “Leave a copy on the server”. This option is often followed by other options that allow you to specify a time period and other behavior.

You might have yours set to leave some or all mail on the server. For example, if you have it set to only keep the most recent 2 weeks on the server, you will notice that the last 2 weeks’ worth of emails would are duplicated.

If you notice that your mail client is downloading an unusually large amount or duplicate mail all of a sudden, you have a few options.

  1. You can let the mail client download all the messages and simply delete the duplicates once it is done
  2. You can close the mail client and request us to remove the mail data from the webmail server

If you notice that your mail client is downloading an unusually large cpr144449003101 amount or duplicate mail all of a sudden, you have a few options.

  1. Create a support ticket within your account at and request us to delete the content off of the webmail server
  2. In the support ticket, please list the email accounts individually (if there are multiple) that you want us to clear
  3. Before creating a support ticket, you may want to check your most recent messages in the webmail interface because this will have all mail, including mail not being received by your mail client. If there are any important emails you wish to save that your mail client still hasn’t received, please save or forward these messages to another email address
  4. Once you create the support ticket, we will remove all mail from the webmail server. Anything that you have in your POP or POP3 mail client will stay the same. After we have finished removing the duplicate mail it will stop re-downloading everything and at that point you are able to open your mail client again and continue using it like normal.
Troubleshooting email problems, certificate errors

Apple users may see an “Domains Mismatch” error message, here are the steps to resolve this problem:

  1. Launch your mail service under Websites, Email & Security in your account at
  2. Go into the settings app, then click Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  3. Tap on your account, then hit Account to display the server settings
  4. Change both incoming and outgoing servers from mail. Hit Done at the top right to save your changes
  5. Once you make this change, you will likely get a message “Cannot Verify Server Identity”
  6. Click cpr144449003101 the Details option below that message, and then tap the Trust button in the top-right corner

In the unlikely event that you continue getting errors, you can proceed one of two ways. You can try removing the account entirely and setting it up again or you can use the server name instead of your domain.

To completely remove the account

  1. Hit Delete Account in red
  2. Once deleted, you can hit the back arrow and then Add Account

The other option would be to use the full name of the server instead of your domain for the incoming and outgoing servers.

  1. To find out what your server name is, please go to your account at and launch your hosting panel from the Websites, Email, and Security tab
  2. Your server name will be listed in the address bar once it loads. It will be in the format of PLXXX-XXXX.HOSTINGPANELX.COM
  3. Copy only this part of the address (PLXXX-XXXX.HOSTINGPANELX.COM) and use it for the incoming and outgoing servers in your mail settings (see steps 2-3 above)