.fans reserved domain

Generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) for Sport Domains

Available for 74.99 USD / yr during General Availability
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Current Phase Protected Domains
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Protected Domains

02 Sep 2015 00:00 UTC
  • Munich - 02 Sep 2015 02:00 CEST
  • London - 02 Sep 2015 01:00 BST
  • Los Angeles - 01 Sep 2015 17:00 PDT
  • New York - 01 Sep 2015 20:00 EDT
  • Moscow - 02 Sep 2015 03:00 MSK
  • Beijing - 02 Sep 2015 08:00 CST
Starting at 74.00 USD
Phase Description

Registration of .FANS protected domains requires approval by the registry before the application can be processed

Goto http://activate.your.fans to request a validation token

* Availability, launch dates, and pricing are tentative and subject to change upon approval by the registry for any orders prior to their official launch. You will be notified of any such changes with your options to proceed.

What are reserved domains?

New gTLD names that were previously denied or reserved due to technical issues related to domain name routing (Collision List Names) are now becoming available. To view the full list of strings being released in this TLD, please select a phase and then click the link to "Download The Complete Reserved List For This Extension".

Please note: Some of the released names will end up being reserved by the registry and some of the names will be released as premium names. Please check the search results for pricing and availability.
.fans Domain

Domain Requirements for .fans

Are Individual .fans domain registrations allowed? Yes
Company or legal entities registrations allowed for .fans? Yes
Are there requirements, documents, or information needed for .fans? Yes

Some names may be considered “Protected Names” and will be premium priced for a maximum of 24 months at the start of General Availability. These may include names for high profile brands or names in music, sport, tv, film, celebrities, clubs, publishing and other sectors or pursuits which may have fan bases of supporters, enthusiasts or collective admirers. Renewals for Protected Names will be at standard rates.

In order to register a protected name during the first 24 months you must be an eligible, apply here and obtain an authorization code prior to submitting a registration.

Eligible parties are artists, celebrities, clubs, sports teams, institutions and entities with registered trademarks related to sports, music or entertainment, or substantial goodwill (determined on the evidence provided by the Applicant in the sole discretion of the Registry) in the relevant brands (an “Eligible Party”).

Are some .fans domain names restricted? Yes

Some domain names may be permanently or temporarily reserved or restricted for registry operations, as premium domain names or to comply with ICANN requirements.

To comply with ICANN requirements, all two-character domains shall be initially reserved, however may be released in the future. In addition reserved names for a) International Olympic Committee, b) International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, and c) Intergovernmental Organizations, for new gTLDs., are not available in accordance with ICANN. The list of these names can be found here.

Does .fans domain have a special use? No
Other information I need to know about .fans? No
Are there any additional fees for .fans? No
Do I need a trademark/brand name to register .fans? No
Private Registration service available? Yes
Trustee / Proxy service offered? Fees? No