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Worldwide Brand Protection Services from 101domain

You've built your business and your brand. Now how do you protect it?

This may sound like an overwhelming task in today’s lightning fast global environment. With the continued growth and reach of the internet worldwide, brand-hijackers have more opportunities than ever and are running rampant trying to profit from your hard work.

An effective brand protection strategy is faced with more issues than ever today, including:

  • Combating counterfeit websites
  • Monitoring unauthorized retailers
  • Preventing domain name and trademark hi-jacking
  • Preventing the diversion of consumer traffic to unauthorized or malicious destinations
  • Overall brand reputation

A cornerstone to an effective brand management program is finding a comprehensive brand monitoring solution that is robust and flexible enough to meet your needs, offers worldwide coverage, and is available within your budget.

101domain's Worldwide Brand Protection Services do just that. Backed by patented and tested methods, 101domain provides the technologies to help you address these threats quickly and effectively.

Setup your Brand Protection Services tailored to your needs with our experience Account Executives to start protecting your brand today. Receive all of your notices and monitoring alerts directly to your account and stop worrying about brand-hijacking and start focusing on building your business.

When it comes to brand monitoring, brand protection, and your intellectual property rights—let 101domain be your technology partner to get the job done.

Tailor our services to meet your specific needs:

Comprehensive Brand Protection

A comprehensive suite of Brand Protection & Monitoring services that include Global Domain Watch, International Trademark Watch, Internet Content Watch, Website Change Watch, WHOIS Change Watch, and the forthcoming Social Network Watch.

8,995.00 USD / 1 Year

gTLD Domain Name Watch Service

Monitor all new registrations and receive weekly alerts containing your brand name or trademark at all the generic top level domain registries including .COM, .NET, .ORG, .BIZ., and .INFO.

259.00 USD / 1 Year

Global Domain Watch & Monitoring Services

Our comprehensive global domain watch service lets you monitor over 200 ccTLD jurisdictions and 900 domain extensions worldwide all from your 101domain Control Panel. Receive weekly alerts with complete WHOIS data (when available) for the broadest domain name protection.

695.00 USD / 1 Year

Trademark Watch Services

An exhaustive, reliable and flexible Trademark Monitoring Service led by trained professionals with years of experience, our Trademark Watch Service can be tailored precisely to achieve your trademark enforcement goals.

Internet Content Watch & Monitoring Services

Patented and robust technologies allow our systems to crawl the internet searching for every instance of your brand or trademark in the meta data and content of websites worldwide. We continuously search the internet so you don't have to!

6,995.00 USD / 1 Year

Website Change Watch & Monitoring Services

Did one of your watch alerts trigger a suspicious domain name registration? Submit a URL to our Website Change Watch service and be notified instantly when the content of a web page changes!

595.00 USD / 1 Year

WHOIS Change Watch & Monitoring Services

If you've found someone registering potentially threatening domain names to your brand, let our WHOIS Change Watch notice alert you when the ownership or contact information has changed.

595.00 USD / 1 Year

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