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DPML - New Gtld Defensive Registration for the Trademark Owners

Donuts Defensive Registration for Trademark Owners

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Defensive registrations with Donuts could be 95% cheaper than normal domains.

Portfolio gTLD applicant Donuts plans to offer trademark owners defensive registrations at 5% to 10% of the cost of a normal domain name registration.

What Is The DPML And What Is Its Purpose?
DPML stands for the Domains Protected Marks List. The product is related to Donuts Inc. domain names. Donuts is the largest applicant for new gTLDs. They have applied for approximately 300 new TLDs and they intend to secure and operate each of them. They claim 133 new TLDs that are uncontested and 160 that are contended. We estimate that they will end up managing over 200 new TLDs once the process is complete.

The company is well-resourced by substantial funding from multi-billion dollar private equity and venture capital funds. Donuts’ financial resources are extensive. According to their website, they have raised more than US$100 million from capital sources including several multi-billion dollar venture capital and private equity funds, a top-tier bank, and other well-capitalized investors and are prepared and able to consider additional funding. Company investors are listed as Austin Ventures, Adams Street Partners, Emergence Capital Partners, TL Ventures, Generation Partners, Stahurricane, Comerica Bank, & Columbia Partners Investment Management. According to Donuts, these investors aggregately manage over $28 billion in investments.

Brand owners can add their trademark-related terms into the DPML and have them blocked from registration at the second level in all Donuts-top-level domains (Donuts TLDs). DPML protects trademarks holders against cybersquatting at a fraction of what it would cost to defensively register the terms in Donuts TLDs.

How Does DPML Work?
Brand owners must submit an exact match of their mark(s) to DPML, or a term that contains their exact match mark(s). Once a term is accepted to DPML, that term is blocked from registration in all Donuts TLDs for an initial period of five or ten years. A DPML subscription then can be renewed in increments of one to ten years. A domain blocked by DPML is not functional, meaning it may not be used for a website URL, e-mail address or other type of domain-related functionality.

DPML Example Terms

How Does A Trademark Holder Buy A DPML Subscription?
The trademark holder must first register a mark with the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH). The mark must be registered according to the "use" standard, which is the same standard for registration during the Sunrise period.

How Many TLDs Will DPML Protect?
Donuts applied approximately 300 TLDs and estimates it will operate over 200. Each DPML subscription applies across all TLDs operated by Donuts and cannot be applied to a subset of Donuts TLDs.

When Will Donuts TLDs Launch?
Donuts has indicated that their first Sunrise will commence in mid-2013 and their last before mid-2014. The earlier a DPML subscription is purchased, the more useful it is. Because a DPML subscription does not block registrations made prior to that subscription, we recommend customers utilize DPML before the launch of the first Donuts TLD.

What is the Value of the DPML Program to the Trademark Owner?
Powerful: Allows brand owners to protect more than their trademarks. DPML protects keywords that contain the mark.
Flexible: The program allows trademark holders to protect terms in all Donuts TLDs while retaining the ability to register specific domains during or after Sunrise.
Simple: A one-time purchase protects a term for five years. Domains blocked by DPML are not live on the Internet and therefore don’t require the involvement of your IT team.
Affordable: Costs brand owners significantly less than if they choose to defensively register terms.

What New Top Level Domain Names Has Donuts Applied For?

Uncontested Domains

  • .academy
  • .accountants
  • .agency
  • .associates
  • .bargains
  • .bike
  • .boutique
  • .builders
  • .business
  • .cab
  • .camera
  • .camp
  • .capital
  • .cards
  • .care
  • .careers
  • .cash
  • .catering
  • .center
  • .cheap
  • .claims
  • .cleaning
  • .clinic
  • .clothing
  • .codes
  • .coffee
  • .community
  • .company
  • .computer
  • .condos
  • .construction
  • .contractors
  • .cool
  • .credit
  • .creditcard
  • .cruises
  • .dating
  • .dental
  • .diamonds
  • .digital
  • .directory
  • .discount
  • .domains
  • .education
  • .email
  • .engineering
  • .enterprises
  • .equipment
  • .estate
  • .events
  • .exchange
  • .expert
  • .exposed
  • .fail
  • .fan
  • .farm
  • .finance
  • .financial
  • .fish
  • .fitness
  • .flights
  • .florist
  • .foundation
  • .fund
  • .gallery
  • .games
  • .glass
  • .graphics
  • .gripe
  • .guru
  • .healthcare
  • .holdings
  • .holiday
  • .hospital
  • .house
  • .industries
  • .institute
  • .insure
  • .international
  • .investments
  • .kitchen
  • .land
  • .lawyer
  • .lease
  • .life
  • .lighting
  • .limited
  • .limo
  • .loans
  • .maison
  • .management
  • .marketing
  • .media
  • .medical
  • .network
  • .partners
  • .parts
  • .pets
  • .photography
  • .photos
  • .pictures
  • .plumbing
  • .productions
  • .properties
  • .recipes
  • .reisen
  • .rentals
  • .repair
  • .report
  • .schule
  • .services
  • .shoes
  • .singles
  • .solar
  • .solutions
  • .sports
  • .supplies
  • .supply
  • .support
  • .surgery
  • .systems
  • .tax
  • .technology
  • .tienda
  • .tips
  • .today
  • .tools
  • .tours
  • .town
  • .toys
  • .training
  • .university
  • .vacations
  • .ventures
  • .viajes
  • .villas
  • .vin
  • .vision
  • .voyage
  • .watch
  • .works
  • .wtf
  • .zone
  • .IDN for Enterprise
  • .IDN for Games
  • .IDN for Shop

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